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  • I am inheriting one of these from my late father in the next couple of weeks.

    I have admired it for the last 35 years.

    sorry if this is the wrong thread!

    Joe Colombo Boby btw

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  • needs the Tesla truck in front of it.

  • How have you approached the dew point of the steel to prevent condensation?

    There's a better phrase for it but it eludes me currently.

    Don't need to as it's a warm roof.

  • That’s not where the issue will be.

    The vertical steel bars will act as a heat sink, so the internal aspect of the steel will get condensation at a certain external:internal temperature/ humidity ratio.
    When it’s cold outside the steel cools towards the temp of the outside, which means that condensation forms on the internal aspect.

    Cf coke can hot day.

    I’m asking because I’m trying to solve this myself with a very similar construction- assuming your vertical steel beams are a single beam (ie no insulation between the internal and external aspects.

  • I think corten steel are generally used as a skin.

  • Ah, that makes sense.
    Sadly- ours is full metal.

  • finally coming to the end of our build. only two two months all-in but.... still very done with builders, their mess, and dust everywhere...

  • I’m duplicating this from the homeowner thread because I don’t know where to put it. If the mods want to delete one, so be it.

    Has anybody had polished concrete floors put in in a kitchen.

    I love the way they look and they appear easy to keep clean, work well with underfloor heating etc.

    Just wondering how they wear and look after a few years. Is there much maintenance involved?

    Same question for concrete worktops.

  • Think it'll work fine if you have the right surface treatment. Keep in mind concrete is very porous so you need something that can handle liquids, acids and fat.

    That said, it'll be a very hard floor to walk on, just something to consider

  • My experience: They will crack, generally only hairline but you need to be aware. They also stain if not sealed properly, which will need redoing to keep the floor durable. But yeah, they look great. Be aware that if you're looking to have one put down you'll need to lay a new concrete slab in the area with 75mm insulation (and usually underfloor heating). You'll need to allow 80-100mm for the polished concrete too.

    The worktops, same advice really. Long-term it will probably pick up stains, but they can be more forgiving aesthetically than say marble if they stain.

  • very hard underfoot - unless you actually wear shoes at home you might find that bothersome. and don't drop anything on the counter.

  • Yeah, obviously super hard surface that will not forgive any dropped breakables. A friend who owns a bar/coffee shop/game room/italian club was going to redo his floor and after pulling up the old lino decided to just polish and finish the concrete (some nasty commercial finish). Worked out really well IMO, but you have to accept the inevitable staining and decibels may need to be calmed.

  • Interesting read, thanks.

  • Thanks all. Food for thought there.

  • Have a concrete worktop made by previous owner, love it, might be about time to wax it but I love the look of the imperfections and stains - patina. Only thing u have to watch is acid. But any oil just rub in and you can put off waxing for a bit. Been 3 years and still looks good...can send pics if u want

  • If you are having the floor installed as part of a larger building project I would recommend insisting that your builder subcontract the work to a specialist. Lazenby do a great final product. Sounds common sense but I've heard of contractors saying they can do it and botching it.

    Also, second @Prole. 's comment on allowing for full floor build up.

    There are a few micro cement products out there that seem to be gaining popularity as alternatives to the full shebang. Topcret/biotech microstuk etc which can come out beautifully but depend entirely on the quality of the substrate.

  • Very nice! I also have one of these, classic design. I worked in a large practice where everyone had one under their desk, one day they decided to get new desks and throw them all out ! Thankfully most people decided to take them home. They are extremely useful and well thought out. Have been tempted to us it as bike tool storage but can't bring myself to do it !

  • Weird request but thought here was a good a place to ask as any...

    Anyone got a mid-century office/salon/barber chair they’re not using? I’m starting to do a little more hair colouring and kinda fancy something that goes with the gplan!
    A few on eBay but either really big money for a proper old school barbers chair or miles away and collection only :/
    A nice swivel/lift one would be cool but any leads on where to hunt for one would be much appreciated!

  • El Croquis doing 3 free digital copies:
    El Croquis 157 Studio mumbai 2003 2011
    El Croquis 166 Caruso St John 1999 2013
    El Croquis 127 John Pawson 1995 2005­sa-con-el-croquis

  • Anyone with an interest in protecting the use of structural timber in buildings - the gov consultation on the ban on combustible materials ends at 11.45pm on Easter Monday. Wonderful timing. It's pretty important that legislation doesn't make it harder to reduce embodied carbon in construction.

    Architects Climate Action Network have put together some info and materials you can use to spread the word (quickly!) -­r

    or, just go here -­ons/review-of-the-ban-on-the-use-of-comb­ustible-materials-in-and-on-the-external­-walls-of-buildings

  • We’re looking for a shoe rack/cupboard, upright able to hold 20 plus (ideally) shoes. Not too deep, and decent looking. Think Ikea not bespoke prices.
    Missus wants something and she’s shown me an ugly stackable plastic box thing, which even if it’s a placeholder makes me want to gouge my eyes out.
    If anyone has any suggestions let me know..

  • ends at 11.45pm on Easter Monday

    Not any more it's been pushed back by 6 weeks.

  • Not the aesthetic that your partner likely has in mind, but I found some 2x10 boards laid over concrete blocks works for me. You could use that as a starting point and use whatever combination of materials that you like.
    For a more industrial feel I find this site to be inspiring.­e

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Architecture and interior design thread

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