2011-07-24 - Rider Down, Richmond Park

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  • Looked like a rider was down in Richmond Park at some point this afternoon.

    They had taped off the road and apparently the person was airlifted away.

    I don't know any more than that.

  • I spoke to one of the Police ladies diverting cyclists. She said a cyclist had collided with a car and was airlifted away. It happened on the flat between Robin Hood Gate and Reohampton Gate. Hopefully it is not too serious.

  • Cycled through just as police (who waved me through) were clearing the scene. Back window of car totally smashed and blood on the road. Hope the cyclist is OK.

  • hope the rider is o.k.
    been a few instances of cars stopping suddenly to look at the deer and a cyclist goes through the window, there was a similar incident last year.

  • A horrible thing to happen.

  • It's incredibly sad how quickly that article descends into cyclist bashing. Why do cars need to go into richmond park anyway? Is car driving a recreational activity? I went for some laps for this first time a couple of weeks ago and I noticed that it did get a little hairy.

    Hope that the rider is ok and accidents like this decrease.

  • Really hope the rider is ok.

    I have no idea what goes through some Richmond park drivers minds. Thursday lap 1 I had a ford escort very gradually overtake me, brushing against my hip as it did so. Lap 2 same location, a car was stopped in the middle of the road so the driver could look at his map....

    Fingers crossed that things change soon

  • he's a mate of mine, he had some stitches (now taken out). is ok fyi

  • he's a mate of mine, he had some stitches (now taken out). is ok fyi

    Some good news! Hope he's healing up well

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2011-07-24 - Rider Down, Richmond Park

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