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  • I've come across a guy selling a frame he claims to be a Webster from the North of England: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?­ViewItem&item=330587617280&ssPageName=ST­RK:MEWAX:IT#ht_500wt_1156

    I can't find much info online about this frame builder, which seems to have wound up in the 1980's. Does anyone have any knowledge to share?

  • I saw a webster TT frame on ebay a while ago - Went for some silly money like £40 for frame and carbon fork

  • The eBay frame is a Webster, from Websters shop in Leicester. Its not from the builder listed on Classic Lightweights.

    Websters shop was owned by Daryl Webster, who was one of the great stars of British cycling in the eighties. i think he owned it with one of his brothers. There were three Webster brothers, but Daryl was the best. I don't think any of the brothers built the fames themselves, although I may be wrong. I suspect they bought them in, ready made.

    Daryl had frequent problems with the governing bodies of British cycling, and this, combined with suffering from depression, caused him to retire from cycling. He now lives in South Wales. He was an incredible talent, and probably never achieved his full potential.

    As I recall, the frames are solid and well made, but nothing special. Unlike Daryl !

  • some, possibly all Websters (of leicester) frames were made in coventry by lee cooper. so frames should be pretty good.
    dont know what the shop were like back in the day, but they're shit now. miserable bastards. still family owned so they would know about the frames.

  • I seem to remember, but I could be wrong, that Daryl fell out with his brothers, Martin and Alex, and has nothing to do with them, or the shop. I've also heard its a pretty miserable shop.

  • Alex ran the bike park in Leicester city centre for quite a while. Martin ran the main shop. I will not buy from them. Rude is not the word. I'm constantly amazed they're still trading.

  • Thanks very much for that guys, much appreciated.

  • Daryl also lived round the corner from my house after his last big bust up with Martin, and started a small taxi company.
    The frames are really nicely fillet brazed. It was usually Daryl who would measure people up for custom frames.
    My dad also designed and printed the stickers for them, and I've owned 4 Websters over the years...all great bikes.

  • Daryl can be a little abrasive, but personally, I think he is a good guy with his heart in the right place. Fighting back from his mental issues, depression etc, was tough, but he got there in the end. I never really knew his brothers, although I raced with them.

  • As far as I remember Alex had a bad crash which left him with some permanent damage upstairs too.
    Last time I spoke to Martin he was racing again, on track I think and doing really well.
    I think the shop has now moved though and sadly become a specialized concept store.

  • Sadly I missed out on the frame being auctioned, with 6 seconds remaining :(

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Webster frames

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