2011-07-13 - Rider Down, Elephant & Castle

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  • Just got in to work, having seen a cluster of cyclists (one of whom I recognised) round an ambulance at the St Georges Rd exit of the E&C RAB. I rode right round to speak to my friend & check he was OK. He was, but was waiting for the Police to arrive, as he was a witness. He reports the rider suffered at least a broken arm, but was being assessed by the paramedics.

    Hope he heals soon.

  • hope so too

    i take that exit a lot

  • Since heard that it was a motorbike coming round from NKR at speed took out the rear wheel of a bike heading A3->Blackfriars/LB

  • I saw the aftermath of this at 8.35 ish. Ambulance, ambulance bike and rozzers parked on the right hand corner of St Georges, along with a motorbike & a couple of bikes. Police were taking a statement from a cyclist. Man in leathers standing nearby looking nervous. Hope it's nothing too serious...

  • I was the cyclist who got hit. I was taken to st tommy's where the amazing surgeons patched up my arm that is broken and in 18-24 pieces. My arm now looks a bit like a meccano set from all the metal work but at least its all in one place I am out of hospital now and recovering at home.

    Not my best week but I'm still alive and kicking and working hard on my physio. Thanks for all your concern and kind messages. Thanks also to the cyclists who stopped on the day to help me out.


  • hi Max, hope you heal quick and well, and are not put off cycling again.

  • Youch! Hope your arm gets back to 100%... sounds like another +1 for the NHS

  • Christ - didn't see this before. Glad you are on the mend. I go this way every day (live Camberwell, work Blackfriars Road) usually around this time so must have just missed it.

    I hate E&C roundabout but have always thought that particular bit was the easiest to exit and join the roundabout due to the lights.

  • I do feel a bit apprehensive about getting back on a bike but you can't let the buggers win can you. Besides. I'd just bought new wheels!

  • I must say. The Nhs were amazing. Straight in for a ct scan and x-ray then surgery in the afternoon. I was lucky (!) to have gone down 2 mins down the road from a world renowned hospital like st tommy's. I think the surgeons are pretty proud of their work and I had a couple of students in watching me as well.

  • All the best wishs for your recovery, Max, and I hope we see you back on the bike soon. Thanks for letting us know how you are doing.

  • Get well soon.

  • Godspeed in your recovery

  • Cool to hear the follow up. Glad the NHS treated you well and rebuilt you.

    Hope you're back riding those new wheels soon.

  • Sorry to bump an old thread, but this should be of interest.

    The regeneration of the Elephant currently doesn't include completing the bypass to the east with a proper, direct and fast route. There's a building in the masterplan proposal that needs to be changed to make this possible.

    If anyone can help out in supporting this it'd be great - details here. http://tiny.cc/elephantbypass

  • It's not really the right thread, James. Why not start a thread of your own? E&C regeneration is a fascinating topic that has a potentially great impact on cycling. Easily deserving of a thread.

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2011-07-13 - Rider Down, Elephant & Castle

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