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  • I've lost my wallet, which is a pain. So I'm wallet-shopping.

    What do you carry, and where can I get a nice one like that? Nothing too bulky, just enough for cards and a few notes.

    Maybe you could post a picture, clearly showing your bank card number...

  • On Colville terrace off Portobello Rd last Saturday i saw plenty of used but nice leather wallets for sale on the vintage stalls. If you want a v cheap but possibly good leather one.

  • I have this baby

    Lasted 3yrs so far and the only downside is the stitching to the loose change pocket coming undone. It does cost about £15-20 though

  • Prada or Hermes. That is all.

  • Lasted 3yrs so far

    You're kidding me???

    I get mugged or lose them at least twice a year.

  • Got one of these Paul Smith ones. About the same size as an iphone. Only drawback is that you need to fold your cash to get it in. Style over practicality. Other than that it is very nice.

  • My wallet usually ends up being 3 1/2" thick by the end of the month due to all the receipts and crap that I stuff in there.

    I could probably do with something smaller/nicer so I don't use it as a general storage pocket.

  • I've been using the small freitag wallet for about 5years now. The tarp is starting to fray in a couple of corners but I'll definitely replace it with another.

  • M&S, black, leather.

    I just had deja vu!

  • I use the "card wallet" Geo F trumper, its not on their website but Its really lovely, black outside, mines golden yellow inside, had it about 3 years. perfect still

  • I use a Balmain card wallet.

    I found it in a set of office drawers that I bought from a second hand shop.
    It is perfect.

    It holds five or six credit/debit/oyster/espresso rooms loyalty cards, and space for a few notes.

    Almost looks classy, until you find the 3 year old rubber johnny

  • ziplock poly bag

  • I'm tempted by a Jimi wallet for work so I don't keep getting everything soaked and covered in woodchip and other crap.

  • Make yerself a gaffa wallet, can't remember how to do it properly but there are bound to be plans online.

  • Yeah bitches... got this for Christmas last year:

  • Jimi wallet.

  • With matching Jimi hat.

  • I've got a ted baker one which my sister brought me as a present a couple of years ago. It's held out really well.

  • Aspinal. With the cobalt blue suede interior.

  • I've got a Paul Smith one had it about 10 years, totally fucked, can't get rid for sentimentalist reasons, although do need a new one

  • i've had a Freitag Brandon for about 4/5. small enough not to impose, but large enough to hold my cards and cash.

  • Aspinal. With the cobalt blue suede interior.

    I've seen this and it's beautiful.

  • Must have had this guy about 5 or 6 years now. It's a J-Fold wallet, bit grubby on the inside and the paint's starting to crack on the outside so the brown leather's starting to come through, but cosmetic abuse aside it's held up very well.

    Only thing is it isn't very tall, so larger cheques or £50 notes hang out the top, but I don't endure this problem as often as I might like.

  • freitag wallets seem fairly indestructable

    rapha essentials case for poncing around with a man-purse/phonecase

  • I swear by these - don't last that long but they're incredibly thin

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