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  • My hunt for the perfect saddlebag is being held up a little by the fact that no one has Carradice in stock :( Very annoying.

    However, after much deliberation (and lots of faffing about) I have just ordered a Nelson Longflap. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • It's here!! It looks roomy and sturdy, but also really, really nice. Happy days.

  • 1) vote for my carradice pendle - it's big enough for two days in the sun, if you hang flip flops from the side and stay with friends or in hotels

    2) i'm going on a 5 day tour and want to go reasonably light, but still take sleeping bag and tarp and hopefully camp. I have a bagman and i don't have eyelets for a rear rack anyway so I'd rather buy a big saddle bag than panniers. will the biggest carradice bag be big enough (24 ltrs I think) or does anyone know of any bigger options? or is bigger than that foolhardy anyway?

  • I make saddle bags, more of a saddle pouch really, but I like the one I use and the people I've sold to seem happy with them.

    Flickr page:­4/sets/72157630149087970/

    eBay listing:­-Tool-Bag-Roll-Pouch-Handmade-in-London-­by-White-Stripe-Bags-/120958526175?pt=UK­_Sports_Leisure_Cycling_Bags_Panniers_SR­&hash=item1c29b0a2df#ht_593wt_1155

    They only really hold spare tube, levers, multi tool, patches and cards/money but that's all you often need for a shorter ride.

  • There's loads of discussion about this on the internet already - but I'm wondering what people here do: a saddle bag is for tubes, tools, wallet, phone - and then a mini-pump goes in the jersey pocket, right? I get the idea that there's no point in getting a saddle bag with a ~16cm internal capacity to take a pump, right?

  • Similar to the above. Any advice for a bag that can take a tube, folded tyre, tools, wallet and possibly a separate phone space.

    Or even just how many litres of space I will need.

  • My Topeak Aero Wedge (large) holds a small pump, a tube, a multitool, a phone, a light rain top, some food, some tyre levers and my keys no worries. It has a zip which expands / reduces the capacity if need be. No swing or noise. Only downside - it's a bit fugly compared to nothing or to one of those dinky little things.

  • Bit of a dredge on the topic, but would anyone be able to tell me what saddlebag and bar-bag are on this bike? I haven't been able to find anything. Cheers­logs.dir/1/files/2014/04/DSCF3504.jpg

  • They look like either Revelate or have spelt the last one wrong.

    I wish someone would make a similar seatpack to that one ^ in a cottonduck for reasonable money.......I really want one myself, but they are pricey

  • I have a spare in camo; might sell

  • I have a spare in camo; might sell

    £? :o)

  • not sure man i'll PM you its one in this pic:­product/product&product_id=52

  • Interested though ;o)

  • Looks like wins it. Thanks for the replies!

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Saddlebags / Saddle bags / Saddlebag / Saddle bag

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