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  • Looking for storage, thinking along the lines of a blanket box/ trunk type thing.
    Seems a bit of a minefield trying to avoid LLL vibes!

  • Whatever you get I can recommend cedar lining, really helps with odour reduction. I built a chest decades ago and actually found some all cedar chipboard that was much cheaper than solid wood yet retained its properties throughout the years.

  • Ah interesting. Didn’t know this was an issue!

  • I have some Breuer Cesca chair copies but time + my kids have wrecked the cane seats and all have holes. Have been thinking about doing some replacement seats and backs in timber. I'd like to mould some plywood like the Thonet s43 but it would require investment in materials and tools. So I'm planning a lo fi prototype using some 200mm pine shelf boards I have to this.....

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  • Will that raise the seat? I know for my wife even 8mm or so made a huge difference when I removed the inserts from the legs of our kitchen chair.

  • What’s this chair please? It’s very comfy.

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  • Not a furniture question, but I thought the patrons of this thread might be the people to ask -

    I’m looking for cutlery set recommendations. Something classic in stainless steel, decent weight in the hand, that will last us a lifetime and will age well.

    Thanks in advance

  • David Mellor for something a bit closer to home.

    Our daily set is Radford by Robert Welch. Stocked at John Lewis so easy to top up with extras/replace the small knives which keep disappearing for some reason.

  • Thanks both, some nice stuff there.

    I really like some of the Alessi sets and some good discounts at the moment.

  • We also have Radford. It's nice and weighty, other people's cutlery feels feeble in comparison.

  • I always feel so snobby when this thought jumps into my head, but it is true.

  • WMF is my goto but can be a bit pricey for the really nice stuff. stays looking new for years though

  • We’re happy with our “Jessica” series from Henckels, had it for 25-ish years.

  • Villeroy + Boch has some nice ranges. Not much use now, but we've occasionally picked up some full sets in TKMaxx for not very much. They occasionally have Alessi stuff too.

  • we got villereoy boch as an unexpected wedding gift and its lovely

  • We've got a set of the New York range by Georg Jensen. Haven't used them yet as we're waiting till after the refurb but they look nice to my eyes.

  • We also got villeroy and boch. A pleasure with every use. WMF stuff is also really nice.

  • I went for Gense Fuga for the reasons of heft mentioned by others.

  • Belated to this, but that looks amazing. Looking to do similar, did you just buy some nice ply cut to size for the doors and use the jig for drilling the hinges? It looks like you've matched with a top-piece or is that what the metod came with?


  • Yep that's what I did, I went for 15mm for the doors but would go for 18mm if I'd do it again. 15 works but your margin for breaking through is very thin, if you look closely I had to patch up the lower left corner. I had the top sawn at the same place I ordered the doors, just took the full width and depth + door thicknes + a couple mm for good luck. I left the sides white as you hardly see them anyway, but would be easy enough to cover. I reckon I'd glue them on, but I don't know shit about woodwork so maybe that's a horrible plan.

  • Nice one, thank you. Did you varnish/treat the ply?

  • Anyone recommend and not ugly parasols for the garden? wrong time if year i know.. but so much was sold out in spring this year

  • We got ours from Skagerak - as luck would have it there’s a Skandium sample sale on tomorrow, maybe they have one 🤷♂️

  • where abouts? not seeing anything online about that

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