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  • This is being sold as a Swedish lounge chair.

    Anyone know if this design has a specific name for me to search?


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  • That is lovely, but no idea where I'd put it. My place is also at Peak Stuff (but I keep buying books).

  • New chair day

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  • Does anyone know if these things are height adjustable? I see it claimed on a couple of other listings. There is a 3mm grub screw in the main upright but I'm not sure what it does.


    according to this site, the 5 star base versions should have tilt/swivel. that looks like an older seat on a newer generation base maybe...?

    is it a genuine one?
    does it have any stamps on it?

    looks far nicer than my knock-off one anyway!

  • Yeah it’s genuine. Made by ICF who had a license to manufacture eames up until 2004.

  • oh aye, forgot about the ICF chat from the previous page!

  • how refined. good choice

  • anyone recommend a source for a german style biergarten table and benches ? or should I just google and pick one because it's all much of the muchness ?

  • SCP have them but they seem way more expensive than others you’d find online. I could never work out if they were of better quality or it was just a shoreditch tax

  • thanks. I'll probably just buy one of the online numbers - just want something rudimentary and functional I can put away when not in use really

  • Not sure if right thread but these guys make nice stuff - bespoke plywood kitchens and fitted storage and that -

  • What is there in the way of dressers at the moment? Looking for something with that kind of storage but don't really want a big lump of wood like I remember dressers being.

    Are there more modern versions?

  • Yeah that seems about right. I guess the bit to look out for is the folding mech. Maybe check some of the reviews for how well they last

  • Any recommendations for people who buy furniture. We have a Tav Athos table that we could do with off loading but it’s a bit of a beast to move and transport

  • Very specific question. But we ordered a Timothy Oulton/Noble Souls Nest sofa. Unbelievably comfortable. We need to decide on fabric. I really really like the ‘old loom’ fabrics. The weave is quite loose and I think it’ll age really nicely. We also like the ‘sol linebackers’. The weave is much tighter. Does anyone have any experience with fabrics like the old loom WITH pets? I am slightly concerned about my dogs nails with a weave as loose as the old loom as seen in the pictures.

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  • Can anyone ID the make / designer of these dining chairs?

    A bit Findahl or Voulter but nothing obvious ... might of course be more basic than that.

    They have the DFMA sticker and are teak + wool.

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  • Can’t help with the designer / make, but they’re really nice.

  • Yeah, they're lovely.

    For sale if anyone keen @£300 for all 4 ... London, N5

    Closest examples we've found are these Johannes Andersen chairs by Mobelfabrik and these by Findahl Mobler

  • Apparently Ikea have no wardrobes in stock. Anyone recommend a good place for alternatives?

  • Am i safe to store vinyl on 22cm deep vitsoe 606?

  • Is there a bit of a lip on the leading edge of the shelf? might cause a dimple over time?

    Depending on how full the shelf is you might run into issues with the ends - would only cover 2/3rds of the sleeve so might get excess pressure at the leading edge again. For what it's worth I store mine on the deepest vitsoe shelves and still worry about the ends not being quite tall enough to provide proper support unless the shelves are really full / self supporting

    edit: all of the above based on the assumption you're talking about 12"lps rather than 7"45s

  • ah shit you’re right with the lip.

    hmm maybe 606 isn’t my best option then

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