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  • Got a friend who might have some ideas + a new workshop

    @small I’ve had it my watch list for a while. Some great discounts

  • Is there such a thing as a nice looking (and more importantly, comfortable!) sofa bed? Have been searching without much luck, it's for a spare room and will mostly be used as a couch...

  • Ours is okay looking. The best thing about it is the comfort of the bed, so it at least does what it says on the tin.

  • That's nice, was hoping to find a leather one in that kind of style... Does that have the pullout bed frame/mattress mechanism or does it fold flat?

  • Pulls out. Proper full size (american) queen mattress. It was one of very few sofas we could find that actually fit the bill of being a queen and not horrendously expensive.

  • Cross post from the DIY thread!

    I need to make some basic drawer units for some Muji shelving. Alas, the drawers I have aren’t available anymore, and I’d like some more that sort of match.

    They don’t seem to be a complicated design. However, I don’t have any appropriate tools really, just what I’ve collected through the years as a renter. So, does anybody have an idea what the minimal amount of tools I’d need would be to make something like the photos below? Fine saw? Corner clamp? Mitre guide?

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  • To anyone with String shelving cabinets... If I were to put a tv/amp/speakers on top could I get cable behind or between wall supports down to a plug socket?

  • Yes, I've sat a TV on mine and the cable fits behind fine. Its tight, but works.

  • That’s great to know, thanks. Did you have to run the cable before wall mounting? We’re Eyeing up a walnut/black run.

  • Fit the brackets first, run the cable and then fit the shelves. I have also removed the plug from the cable, run it in behind the drawers and connected back on previously. I got the black and walnut stuff from a SCP sample sale years ago. Its very classy. Makes a room feel instantly finished IMO

  • You could also fit some small, clear spacers between the wall of you needed a few extra mm

    Love string stuff

  • How deep do the string unit screws go? Thinking about a display cabinet/tv bank but the wall has a sliding door that runs behind it

  • Makes a room feel instantly finished IMO


    Good idea about the spacers too.

    Thanks for all the help.

  • Ahhh, didn't know about this thread.

    Took a punt with my gf on this Grete Jalk designed France & Son set of couch and sofas from the 60s on eBay earlier in March. It was a considerable amount of coin but not a bad deal considering it was in need of major tlc.

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  • The straps needed to be replaced, all the cushions redone and covers overhauled.
    If you think about doing the same; rethink. It's a LOT of work and we didn't oversee that.
    So far I'm in at least 60 hours, with some 20 left to go. We decided to keep it as original as possible, which kept cost down but added to the work.
    Some images attached of the restrapping

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    • IMG-20210403-WA0009.jpeg
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    • IMG-20210404-WA0004.jpeg
    • IMG_20210411_221350.jpg
  • The covers were fixed almost permanently to the cushions, and hadn't been washed in 60 years.
    Attached some images what that does to the bathwater..

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    • IMG-20210328-WA0003.jpeg
    • IMG_20210328_190144.jpg
    • IMG_20210316_082738.jpg
    • IMG_20210316_082718.jpg
  • A bonus was that the furniture was much darker then the eBay images, which we like. They arrived I this state, not too bad looking in the pictures but believe me, they needed the overhaul

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  • The original cushions were all deformed and the foam parts had come loose and entangled in the coils. Took em apart, hoovered and steamcleaned and dried. Again some images during and after..

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    • IMG-20210404-WA0006.jpeg
    • IMG-20210411-WA0011.jpeg
    • IMG_20210411_221412.jpg
  • We also cleaned the teak and oiled and will reoil again. No pictures of that, because the only reason I have pictures after that is that my lovely partner left for three weeks leaving me with the restauration of this. So some updates were sent and I now can share the progress with yous

  • Also repaired all the holes with quick fix iron on backing. Works great and we don't mind the patina.
    Now still another wash with lavender oil to go for the woollen covers to make em soft and shiny again (works apparent wonders for wool) by my gf and 6 cushions to glue together for me. I (effin) hope the last works are done by the weekend..
    Had a testfit of covers yday to see if I hadn't doodood and the covers are so tight, you need two people to close the zippers. One pushes the cushions foam and coils in so the other one can pull. So that'll wait for the weekend when my gf comes back. Just for now, a picture that doesn't look like the amount of work was worth it, but be-liiiieeve me..

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  • Nice work, glad you've kept them original they look great.

  • They look amazing. Been meaning to do something similar to a couple of our chairs.

    One tip I’ve read for getting cushions back in is to put them in a bin bag, the use a vacuum cleaner to basically shrink wrap them.

    They slide in because they’re smaller and wrapped in plastic - then once in, you remove the bin liner by tearing it out.

  • That is such a good idea! Almost as revolutionary as the Hoffman wet teaspoon trick.

  • I’d hate to think how dirty my similar sofa is. Great effort on the restoration of these chairs. Look great!

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