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  • I’ve got a massive loaf sofa- big three section corner unit.

    It’s well made, all feather cushions, built on time and their customer service and delivery was good.

    I did get a discount via a forum connection which helped.

  • Cheers. Tempted by a table from them (or rather my girlfriend is) but the reviews seem to be shocking.

  • Cheers. Tempted by a table from them (or rather my girlfriend is) but the reviews seem to be shocking.

    Girlfriend has a Loaf table that unfolds to twice its size. It's fine... a bit faux distressed/shabby chic, but as I harped on about the prev table being far too big for the room then I'm staying quiet.
    She did have to return the original as the wood bowed very early on when it was unfolded, but the replacement has stayed straight...
    It does the job.

  • That was me. Good find. I ended up getting a Futon Company one which is pretty good for the price though would definitely have considered these if I'd seen them

  • Just copped four of these Ercol Windsors for £120 off Facebook Marketplace. Legs have been painted yellow which I don't particularly mind and is easily fixed. Cushions aren't to my taste but original so nice to have. Need a dining room table to go with them but unsure whether to go new or vintage.

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  • Excellent deal.

    I'm also in the market for 6 dining chairs - at the low end of the market. Any good Black Friday deals out there? Looking for something simple and wooden - Ercol off eBay / FB Marketplace is an option but a lot of sellers seem to price them crazy high.

  • Cheers, that sounds pretty much like what she's looking at.

  • Kit designed by Supermundane for Kiddy Mates On Toy Bikes

  • To answer my own question - FB Marketplace seems to be the way to go for Ercol. Got 6 good condition dining Quaker chairs including 2 carvers for £270, 10 mins drive away.

  • Nice! I'm already so chuffed with ours.

  • Looking for a combined TV unit/desk solution for the living room, something like this but not £10k or anywhere near that!­tv-units/kronos-0280/p13748/

    The wood panel I'm not fussed about, it's more the idea of the clean, three unit solution with a floating desk.

    Primary concern (aside from cost) is whether a plasterboard wall can take all that weight, also looking to mount the TV on the wall with a full-motion bracket.
    Other concern is around the depth of the floating desk , most TV units seem to be around the 40-45cm depth mark, I'd want the depth of the units uniform but slightly concerned that 45cms isn't quite deep enough to work comfortably... current cheapo table I'm working from is 60cms deep.

    Has anyone had something like this done recently or have any pointers on companies that I should be looking at?

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  • I was looking for something like this as a sideboard, they all cost £5000 or more. made one myself for about £200. mine is held in solid brickwork and I made double the amount of fixings needed just to be double sure. I wouldn't trust it in to plasterboard for any real weight, you would probably want some sort of frame bolted in to the fabric of the building to then hang the cupboards from.

    its quite high up just as I'm fairly tall and didn't want it at an annoying height, like everything else is.

    the depth is 60cm, height 40cm and about 8.5ft long

  • that looks great! The more I think about it and research I have to agree with you, don't think I can trust plasterboard with something like that.

  • @Soul I think made very similar for a tad* under 10k. Pics either on the home diy or owning your own home thread if memory serves...

    *about 9.75k under

  • Ha. I certainly made a TV cabinet for a whole lot less, and a desk in another room (both out of birch ply). Probably no more than £100 worth of materials (and £100s in tools...). Definitely not quite as sharp but I like them.

    The TV cabinet is on a plasterboard dot & dab wall, connected using metal plasterboard anchors and a french cleat. It's 2.4m long and hasn't fallen off yet!

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  • Gripit fixings or @Soul fixing solutions should be strong enough

    *don't blame me if they're not...

  • You can also buy 2m lengths of kitchen cabinet fixing rail and screw into the wooden batons beneath the plasterboard. Incredibly strong.

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  • This is brilliant! Any more info/photos?

  • thanks, its basically an Ikea hack I came up with.

    its 4x over the fridge type cabinets hung from one of those rails inch pincher posted above, two long cabinet doors which had about 20cm cut off to fit and hinge holes redrilled to the ends. on top of that is a white marble style counter top. thats it really. sounds simple but took ages. the doors are very thin and I ended up ruining two of them when drilling in the holes for the hinges and had to buy another pair.

    I put 3 hinges on each door but the length causes them to sag, so had to make a clip to hold them in place when closed. all good though, they keep perfectly level when clipped in.

    Ikea also do a couple of storage boxes that fit perfectly, so you can have 4 boxes in each cabinet.

    getting it all level, lined up and perfectly straight is the key to making it look good, can very easily look sloppy otherwise.

  • Not sure if here or the moving thread is more appropriate, so I'll shoot

    Can anyone suggest any charities around South London (closer to Herne Hill the better) that will collect a huge wardrobe? BHF's store in Brixton isn't close enough and the Oxfam shop is far too small for it.

    That being said, if anyone here possibly fancies taking it off my hands...

  • Freecycle groups on FB are usually a good bet.

  • Cheers, don't really want to use Facebook again (haven't had an account for years) but will see what happens...

  • A classified advert on here will stand a decent chance of getting rid of it. People have taken a bed and wardrobe from me recently.

    A lot of charity shops seem to be saying they have too much stock at the moment.

  • Cheers, put something in there now.

    Checking BHF again I think they would collect, but obviously can't until this next lockdown ends, with any luck I can sort something

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