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  • Ill take a pic and whatsapp you - not dangerous!

  • Glad to see these still going strong, and they're looking great! We always loved that VG&P set, and it killed us to sell but it didn't go with our new kitchen at the time. Chairs are super comfy to the point we rebought them. Great deal for someone!

  • Anyone want a couple of Kartell Masters chairs by Phillipe Starck?

    Collection in Clapton, E5

    £150 for the pair
    Can take more detailed pics on request

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  • ID on these chairs?

  • Try finding sold prices. Asking prices for these sort of things can be pretty wild.

    I had a sofa that was advertised by various other sellers on pamono et al for several thousand and in to five figures but ultimately sold mine for less than a grand after having it up for sale for quite a while. Those asking prices are ok for a rough idea but take with a pinch of salt.

  • Yeah, pamono/1stdibs/vinterior are absurd.

  • does anyone pay Pamono prices? i have a Johannes Andresen rosewood coffee table and they want £800 for one, it’s nice but not worth that.
    I think dealers chuck stuff up on the site on the off chance they make a sale but sell elsewhere for less.

    stick them on ebay for £2000 BIN and see what offers you get.

  • I take Pamono prices and divide them by two, and for the real high ones three for a real ball park asking price. They're really kraykray prices, I also don't get why they do that. If people are already using the internet to get to your website, they should be able to do three more clicks to find out they're being rinsed

  • There are a lot of knock-offs of that Perriand chair around. Able Sloane would be able to tell you if they’re legit.

  • rosewood coffee table and they want £800 for one, it’s nice but not worth that.

    Especially as it can't leave the country without a certificate stating when it was manufactured.

  • Anyone got any leads on the discontinued IKEA Svalnas desk? Really wish I'd bought one when they were selling them off at discount.

  • I have come into ownership of 6x Charles Rennie Mackintosh Ingram Chairs, made in the 80s under license, nice Limed Oak finish.

    I know these are fairly valuable, does anyone have any idea how much and where I should try and sell them?

    Many thanks!

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  • Lovely chairs ^

    Anyone have a recommendation for where to get dining chairs reupholstered in North / east London? These are they:

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  • Nice chairs ! This is the (vg) place I know - bound to somebody more east tho­lstery/

  • Sit collective and Everything But The Dog might be able to offer some help

  • We have the HAY traingle leg table (oiled oak) and struggling with a good chair option - 8 matching chairs. I really like the Bensen Tokyo chair but £££

  • takt cross / Pearsonlloyd ?

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  • Or

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  • This my fave - Michael Marriott ola - work nice with your radius ends

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  • This is nice! and considerably friendlier price

  • I have a pointless collection of Carimate chairs that I need to offload. I have 3/4 to get rid of in blonde finish.

    DM if you’d like them. They’re free to anyone who can collect from E17. I’m away until Monday.

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