Road forks ok for track?

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  • I cant fit 23mm tyres in my Benotto track forks so Ive switched them to some nice chrome Tange racing forks, they have a very slight rake which means with the extra clearance under the fork crown the top tube has stayed parallel to the ground. However they are not track forks, the Benotto forks are very solid and stiff, Ive gone out on my new setup on the road for training(worked very nice), just wondering if theres any major issues to using them on a velodrome(outdoor, banking is moderate). The 20mm tyre at the front was giving me handling issues, had a 23mm at the rear, 20mm rear is not an option for me.

  • It should be fine. As long as you don't get any speed wobble at top end, try it and see.

  • Dredging this from the depths.
    As I'm looking for recommendations for a carbon fork for a newly bought Condor Lavoro track frame.
    Its one of those semi integrated headsets frames, so wondering which fork would be good for it? Was having a look for specific track forks, but most of them look a bit gash, so was wondering whether I could just shove an Easton EC90 on there and be fine? And whether the 43mm rake would make a difference in terms of the ride, or if I should be looking for something with a 40mm rake.

    Anyway all responses/recommendations welcomed.

  • What rake is the Condor supposed to have?

  • website doesn't say and they don't have a seperate page for the fork itself. But the geometry of the bikes hasn't changed for the last three years, so may email them and ask what rake is on the standard fork that comes with..

  • Then choose whichever road fork that has the closest. You won't really notice the difference much on the road for the type of riding you do.

  • corny you want EC90?

  • @rob, the forks are for my track bike which I use at the TRACK!
    @amey, maybe interested, depends on the price? Pm and we'll discuss.

  • It all depends on the bike itself, Corndog, but I know some people have experienced 'speed wobble' with road forks on track bike when going flat out. My recommendation would be to use the fork that it's supposed to have (or one with similar spec).

  • I'm looking to get a small frame, which generally seem to have a degree or two slacker head tubes than the bigger sizes, would you not choose a different rake fork for a large frame than you would a small frame?
    The sworks venge has a 73° head tube and a 45mm rake fork, and afaik Cavendish uses a road fork... If I get a Dolan pc in my size it will also have a 73° headtube, so why wouldn't I choose a road fork?

    This question relates to speed wobble, btw

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Road forks ok for track?

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