We are the music makers - producers?

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  • cheers, I really like that speed but people have said it's too slow - naw, it's got swing!

  • Yeah, I'm feeling that. Definitely keen to have a hands-on with a TR-8.

  • has onyone got any sh*tty cheap monitors they want to sell me for less than a ton so I can do this: http://www.westenddj.co.uk/Genelec-Trade­Up.asp

    I need something to trade in.

    I'll keep my Adams as I'm actually very happy with them now they're repaired but the Genelecs are great and that's a good discount.

  • you have the A7X? How do you find them?

    ^ buy some from Cash Convertors?

  • Not a bad idea.

    I have the A5Xs. I had an electrical fault issue with one of them but Adam repaired it at no cost under their 5 year guarantee. I like them very much. Not hugely powerful or subby (neither of which I covet for the acoustic music I make) but very detailed especially in the treble and high mids (which I do require).

    Listened to a mix i'd done on my cheap old monitors the other day and it was like I was listening though a blanket. decided I'm going to go back and re-do those tracks on the Adams.

    I lust dig the Genelec 8030bs though. Two of my friends and musical collaborators have them in their respective studios and they're just fantastic sounding. I'd even use them as active hi-fi speakers. They're just awesome.

  • yeah the guy I do some collaborations with has the 8040's and they are nice although I have read that some people find them very harsh to work with - I have a pair of 7 year old Tannoy Reveal 6's and I'm looking at either the Tannoy 802's or the Adam A7X's

  • Really can't say that about the 8030s. If anything they're too flattering/exciting. NOt remotely harsh. Just a great speaker. Can't imagine any reason why the slightly bigger brothers would be much different (although I haven't tried em to be fair).

  • i use adam a7 and recommend anyday , or of you can afford it dynaudio bm5 !

  • I also use A7s (not the A7xs) - they're pretty trustworthy & good for the price. Only problems I've had are at the extreme low end (sub 40/50Hz) which hardly reproduces, while slightly higher freq. bass is a bit over hyped (possibly my room as much as the speakers). I've also found they lack definition with very complex material. (I don't use them for music though - just sound fx design).

  • I agree about Genelecs being harsh, but horses for courses and all that.
    I've got baby focals. I want the matching sub.

  • Some interesting stuff happening with the Aira firmware updates. Quite like the idea of the System-1, with the plugins and drag & drop presets.

    New AIRA Firmware - SYSTEM-1 Plug-Out SH-101 - YouTube

  • hardware jam today with tape delay

    Roland TR-8 + Korg Volca Bass + Watkins Copicat - YouTube

    Cool gear. One day that Korg space echo will be mine...

  • My game soundtrack came out.

    Related: Bandcamp's preview compression and volume reduction is really, really annoying.

    i know i'm waaaaay late but this is great!

  • i know i'm waaaaay late but this is great!

    Hey, thanks chap. I just checked your link with the ad and the music fits it perfectly. Nice work.

  • the very definition of tl;dr


    I read.
    I understand your problems with drums.
    These days I use this Yamaha DD-55:

    usually triggering Battery 3. Record the midi and then it's tweakable.

    Usually I'll record bass drum separately, or just program it, and then play the snare and cymbals 'live' - this is because I lack the drumming skills to do much more than a few basic beats properly.

    The DD-55 is not ideal - the hi-hat pad and snare pad are the wrong way round, so 16 beat patterns are almost impossible unless you re-assign the tom on the right, and all the pads are too small so you have to fix the gaps where you hit the plastic instead of the pad. Things like side hits, rim hits, and all the other variations of each type of drum or cymbal sound all have to be done manually - You can set Battery up to alternate the samples for a more 'live' sound, but there's still a lot of post production and editing if you want it to sound natural.
    But, the important thing is that you do record natural variations of timing and velocity, so you've made a great start.

    When I move my plan is to buy a real drum kit and learn to play properly.

  • 3/4 hour on this yesterday - not 100% sure about the aryp synth top line - needs more melodic elements - this was a very quck mix using Push - not easy holding a phone at same time


  • repeat post deleted

  • Think I made a mistake. Deleted

  • What kind of fee would you pay for a 301 space echo in decend nic?

  • I've seen 'em on ebay for approx £500 recently

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We are the music makers - producers?

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