We are the music makers - producers?

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  • No idea why I thought it would!! I thought it would be easy to find out though. I guess it would be a flaky little speaker anyway that would not represent the true sound.

    It is a great little thing, never had anything like this before (always 'used' DAWs). Have been messing for about 30 mins and having a good time.

  • The Roland Boutiques and the Korg Volcas have crappie speakers in-built

  • Yeah I really don't see the point in those (on the Boutiques and Volcas), though in saying that, the speakers on my Refaces are pretty decent (for on-board speakers). Still always default to headphones but they're surprisingly good.

  • Been jamming on the Modular the past few days and starting to get the flow with the patching and modulation. One take.


  • What did you get in the end.

    or should I say to start with?

  • Decent track too.

  • I've got Pamela's New Workout, Make Noise Maths, MI Veils, ALM MCO, ALM MUM M8, Pico DSP and Crea8 Audio East Beast just now.

    Veils is doing all the heavy lifting, along with the ability to split the MCO into sub, PWM and wave, it's a very versatile combo!
    I'm already looking at Noise Engineering Lapsus Os and DivKid Mutes.

    Plus really fancy the Music Thing Modular Turing Machine. I know Pams does Euclidean, but the Turing Machine is really hands on, no menu diving and for performance the ability to lock the sequence is essential.

  • Nice, I'll have to have a little look at those. Certainly mixes well.

  • Nice one

  • Anyone have any nods for a decent budget audio interface? I know literally nothing about this - it's for my son to record his vocal and guitar noodling. Doesn't need to be pro level but prefer not to end up with something that's completely shit from amazon.

  • I've got a Behringer UMC22 that I don't use if you want that for £20 or so? It's been sat on my desk not getting any use for about a year. Not sure if I've got the box/manual around but I can have a look.

  • I recently got given a 2nd hand Behringer UMC404 HD and I'm very impressed with it, the pre amps are Midas and sound great!

  • It's probably sacrilege, but if I need to record a guitar I just plug it into my little Roland Boutique and use that as the interface. My ears haven't been trained well enough to spot the difference yet!

  • I am really (really) pleased with my electribe 2s. Having never owned any hardware (apart from a midi controller) I wasn't sure what to expect. I have watched a few hours of YouTube videos to get my head around it and have just had a really enjoyable hour or so jamming on it. I love the acid sounds you can get out of it. I reckon I have made more progress in a few hours on it than I have in about 10 years using a DAW!!

    Great fun

  • M8 Tracker is going on sale again on Monday 7am PST. Last batch for the year. Very tempted.


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  • Never seen that before, it looks amazing (I can't afford one unfortunately!)

  • Sorry I didn't reply. Thanks for the offer but have got him something similar to what he uses at school so sorted now.

  • No worries at all! Glad you got sorted. And considering I'm still waiting for packages that I ordered 2 weeks ago who knows when you'd actually have received it!

  • They look super interesting (and I've seen some great tracks put together on them) but I think the tracker workflow would just frustrate me. Think it's a great option if you've used it before, but coming from a traditional DAW (or modern grooveboxes) to that would just seem like a big step backwards.

    Mandatory inclusion of "limitations breed creativity" line here ;)

    Also, if you want a taster of it before paying $600, you can pick up a microcontroller (Teensy I think it's called), load it with the M8 program and run it on your computer.

  • Think it's a great option if you've used it before, but coming from a traditional DAW (or modern grooveboxes) to that would just seem like a big step backwards.

    I've always been interested in learning how to use Trackers for the sake of getting a step closer to how Jungle was made back in the day, but I don't know that I'd actually have the follow-through...

  • Any thoughts on a first synth / keyboard for a 10yo ??? he plays piano but likes all that shitty edm stuff they put on computer games so i'd quite like him to have something to play around with in his room rather than slamming out lead lines on the piano in the lounge. In time he can plug it into my laptop - but to start with prefer something stand alone.

  • Full size or mini keys? Any idea of budget?

  • Smaller than regular keys would be fine i think - £100 ish. back in the day I had a casio tone

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We are the music makers - producers?

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