We are the music makers - producers?

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  • Amazing! Strip out vocals for acapellas!


  • Nice, will take a look when I get home. Have you tried it? Any tool I have tried previously to split vocals from audio has left the vocals sounding odd.

  • Only tried it briefly on my phone but sounded OK. I'd normally treat the absolute living shit out of vocals anyway so it's fine for me

  • I did manage to torrent a load of hip hop acapellas recently that I need to go through.

  • 2 days on here, 2 misogynistic memes. bye bye

  • Has anyone taken advantage of any of the absurd Black Friday deals on plug-ins this year?

    I bought the soundtoys bundle finally (been using a cr*ck on and off since like 2008 which is finally no longer supported)

    also bought an Izotope bundle.

    Another that caught my eye was the black rooster plug-ins. Anyone with any experience of those, any good? It’s about £1000 off ish if you buy the whole bundle.

    I’m also looking for a great sounding granular effects plug-in / sampler instrument / synth etc. let me know if you know of a decent one!

  • Silo is what you want for granular:


    On Plugin Alliance so will undoubtedly be on sale at some point.

  • Not sure about effects but the deal on Arturia is pretty decent. Their synths are very useful.

  • Thanks guys will check them both out

  • Not sure if anyone is interested in this, not an amazing prize but some clean acapellas to play with and a bit of fun.

    Hey! We've just posted 5 acapellas from the new album. If you are a producer / DJ we'd like you to send us in your remixes to tom.j.caruana@gmail.com Words and I will choose our favourite and send a free copy of the album on Vinyl & CD! Deadline is by midnight New years eve 2021!


  • I have 3 Tom Caruana LP's Wu-Tang+Beatles, Wu-Tang+Hendrix and Inner Space. Great albums.

  • I have the Beatles one, you are right it is great!

  • I can't decide which one I like best. Inner Space features Can.

  • I'll have to check them out

  • Bit late in the day but Silo can currently be had for $36 with the code BFD1-2999.

  • Cheers did spring for it

  • Nice, it’s a great plug-in IMO, the stereo spatial/reverb stuff you can do with it is v nice.

  • Reason have a Black Friday thing on still as well, I have been looking at the ABL3 (TB-303) plug-in for a while now. It was £64 but down to £48 Black Friday and I won £25 on the paypal christmas draw so it ended up costing £23. Looking forward to having a play with it.

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We are the music makers - producers?

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