We are the music makers - producers?

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  • Also had an early one because I wanted to be Jonny. Echo the above, not high end audio quality but if its good enough for le head...


  • I'm in desperate need of 90s sample CD rips - anyone have a source?

  • Not direct by Blu Mar Ten's 90s jungle samplepack has long been a staple of mine: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GudXicj­iflcmKyjyo-hAJnv-wHw8K95y/view

  • +1 blu mar ten pack

    You might find some stuff here (link below) the flo so pack I shared not long ago is also good but nufink 90s about it.


  • Anyone got a Make Noise 0 Coast?

  • .

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  • Some good links above - thanks. Anyone have any resources for good clean stems?

  • Yes... What do you want to know?

  • Jammed with my old band for the first time in 10 years last night! Nothing useable out of it but good to get back into the zone (of sorts)!

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  • Sorry missed this. Do you rate it? I'm looking for something for atonal and/or melodic 'Modular' esque lines for Techno. I've had semi modular synths before, most notably the Doepfer Dark Energy which I could never really get anything other than totally abstract/noise from, although I was way more of a novice producer at that time.

    I'm currently using a Korg Volca Modular, which although it has some really nice tones, I just find hard to get the best from, and sequencing externally isn't really cutting it for me.

    Currently set up between me and my production partner in a live hardware Techno scenario is DFAM, Quadrantid Swarm, 1010 Music Blackbox, Elektron Digitakt and Analog RYTM, plus TR-8S (have not decided what we're going to use live as yet)


  • I really like it, it’s quite different to any of the classic (clone) synths I have - in tone and operationally but obviously there is some crossover. It really rewards time spent and what’s great is that a) there are some ‘shortcuts’ that will take you from melodic to noise very easily and b) everything you do with it sounds good - the sweet spot is massive!

    I often use it for arp or lead kind of things where the timbre shifts with the pitch (way more depth than a filter tracking pitch for eg) but it’s capable of monster basses and a little bit of percussion too!

    The 2600 might be an option for you - it does absolute filth with the ring mod, 3 VCOs and spring reverb but it is large and complicated to set/reset a patch.

  • It certainly has that squawky/plucky raw “modular sound” without you have to go two grand deep into eurorack. Love this classic Mylar Melodies review:


  • Managed to get a few hours to write something in Ableton.


  • Nice Drexciyan vibes there. 👍

  • Yes, Detroit Techno is a current obsession :)

  • Who are you listening to? I can't tell Detroit from Berlin in 2020 there's so much cross-pollination...

  • Ritchie Hawtin/Plastikman is the cause of that! I'm thinking more Inner City - Big Fun era.

    Virgo Four, Paperclip People, Octave One, Nexus 21

    There's also a UK producer who I got a gift of a couple of EP's from :-

    Astrometric - Artesia
    Fin Diesel - Electrocardiograph (discogs release no:- r16940814)

    Interesting he gets his pressings done in Portsmouth from a company who uses a modern canadian press and the quality of both pressings is very good in the examples I have.


    If I manage a decent Detroit Techno mix I'll post a link.

  • Here's one of my favourites from the late 80's :-


    Of course it's not Detroit Techno (it's Paul Hartnoll) but for me it has the right approach.

  • Anyone know if there’s a way to rip the samples off these sampler cds? Haven’t got as far as popping them into a cd drive yet to see what’s on there file wise but I imagine it’s prob a niche packaged sampler file.

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  • I'm an Akai guy, but I'd hope you'd have a folder of wavs and then a folder of SF2 and/or esi which are emu specific...?

  • I always assumed these were just audio CDs that you had to sample manually lol

  • Some were, some were for specific samplers. There was a chunky mini disc type format for an Emu (or Akai!) extension drive. SF2 is a pretty established format for samples.

    I have a shelf of sample CD's. Sometimes I play lucky dip with the CD player and sampler.

  • Speaking of Akai: I am once again grumpy about their aversion to free-running LFOs on the MPC.

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We are the music makers - producers?

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