We are the music makers - producers?

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  • I’ve found a weird issue where Cubase + Waves + Radeon GPU causes a crash when opening the plug-in graphical interface. Plug-ins and projects work fine until that point!

    I’ve not been able to find a solution other than disabling the GPU and using onboard graphics, which isn’t ideal. Wasted hours of valuable music time yesterday chasing shadows and fiddling with PC settings.

  • Looking at pressing some 7s and perhaps some interest for forum record here are some places that I've come across, any advice/experience with any of them?

    cutdubs.com Someone recommended these and uses them for dubplates and specials charges £30 a 7 inch and buys in 50

    http://www.therootsmerchant.co.uk quoting 25 week turnaround for 12s and there has been customs taxes (brexit) issues

    https://www.discmanufacturingservices.co­m/ don't really know to much about them.

  • I've had a look at them but don't know anything about them. The dubs would be a very expensive way to do it as you would be very unlikely to be able to sell them unless you were selling at gigs in which case people might pay £15+ for a limited edition. So that might suit you better than a 6 month wait.

    I've eased up on the plan because I'm currently getting exhausted at work!

  • No rush dude, I just started a new job so I have plenty on my plate too.

  • I've sold lathe cut records at my shows over the recent years.

    The guy I was using was ok, but I never liked the sound quality inherent to the medium and they are expensive to produce.

    I think he's stopped now, but I'll dig out his details for reference here just in case.

    My next physical release will be a run of 12" LPs, pressed by the Vinyl Factory in the UK.
    Looking at 30week lead time though, but that's ok compared with the hassle of trying to get records over from EU based plants.

  • Interesting, that would be great. The other link we got was for pressing in Poland, does seem like a faff.

    Hope you don't mind but checked out your bandcamp, it's mad cool, I really like that vibe the Contrabasson sounds intergalactic!

    Be interesting to see/hear the lp when it's ready.

  • I'll go through all my files as I had a list of a few places that were doing dubplates and lathe cut records.

    Yeah The Vinyl Factory is quite competitively priced compared with the UK brokers to EU pressing plants, but they are ridiculously busy.

    Ah thanks for having a look at my stuff!!
    I've gradually been stripping off the older music from my site and bandcamp and it will be replaced with newer stuff later this year.

    The contrabassoon is indeed a bit of a madness. My solo contra' and electronics stuff, which I've been doing for just over 5 years, came about due to the difficulties in keeping an ensemble going.

  • After almost 4 years on the waiting list, I just got an email from Sequentix to say I'm now at the top of the list and can order a Cirklon sequencer! The new mk 2 version!
    What a surprise that I'm now too broke to buy one!😢
    Shame, because the price is about half what people charge on ebay!

  • Should be mk3 by the time my name comes up… 12 months they said, three years ago. Glad if they're starting to make some progress on the list though. Bet they've been messed up by the global parts shortage like everyone else.

    Must be tempting to buy it and flip it, no? As iffy as that would feel. :/

  • I did think about it. It seems to be a common practice with these. 😂
    They're actually in stock right now for those at the top of the list.

  • I’m having a huge amount of fun jamming with the Volca Drum. I love the fact it’ll run off batteries. I’ve gone and sat in the garden with it a few times.

    I think it’s got limits as a main drum machine even though I’m still working out some of the features. (I seem to keep locking/muting keys and I’m really not sure how. I don’t mean the mute function for jamming btw 🙄).

    I think I’m going to get a main drum machine and use the Volca for percussion effects and having something very portable.

    Has anybody got an RD8? They look great but the RD9 seems to be in stock with European mail order companies now and it seems to do more.

    Edit: RD9 seems to be a three month wait.

  • Personally speaking I wouldn't buy anything from Behringer ever again. Uli is a fucking knobend and their aggressiveness towards vendors is pretty bad.

  • Yeah, I'm not interested in buying anything from Behringer either. Fuck those guys. I have a friend who really loves his RD-8 though.

    IMO the Roland TR-8S is a killer drum machine that has all the authentic TR sounds and you can load samples into (and therefore have any drum machine you want, more or less). I'd still have mine if I hadn't traded up to an Analog Rytm mk2. TR-6S is an excellent mini version, lacking the separate assignable outs but still very powerful. Basic TR-8 is also a ton of fun and the sliders alone make it an awesome live/jamming tool.

  • TR-8 and TR-8S here too. Just don't buy the Drum Brute/Drum Brute Impact!

  • Uli is a fucking knobend and their aggressiveness towards vendors is pretty bad

    Hmmm. I didn’t have to look far to find the sort of stuff you’re referring to. That’s a shame that people have to be like that. Cutting off small retailers is shitty behaviour.

  • TR8s looks great but it’s £££.

    What’s wrong with the Drum Brute?

  • Watch some YouTube videos! Monumentally weak sounds

  • Look at the 6s, it's exactly the same engine but smaller and less buttons so you have to do a bit of shift and menu diving to access some of the functionality. It's just over half the price.

  • RE: DrumBrute. It's not as bad as people paint it, but the snare does wank. I think machines like it, the Volca Beats, Rhythm Wolf, Tomcat, etc. Get so much shit because few people realize analog drums machines like the 909 also sound pretty pitiful before you process the fuck out of them.


    Seems all the old reliable Archive.org links for 90s sample CDs have been taken down, anyone have a bead on alternative locations?

  • Calling bs on the 909 sounding weak. They sound like awesome personified raw.

  • I'd agree to a certain extent. I don't think the kick particularly cuts it in modern productions unless layered and treated with some tasty plugins. The ride is also extremely resonant in a really ear displeasing frequency straight out of the box

  • Not sure that I'm qualified to talk about modern production since I'm totally into the 909/808 sounds, acid, detroit tech, electro etc. I do eq mine for different tracks and occasionally a bit of reverb. I think it makes a big difference if you have the actual boxes and you dial in the parameters of kick. Also worth ducking the bass for the kick to work properly. I do layer mine with an 808 and something from the SP1200 time to time but I just can't allow 'pitiful' as a description of 'machines like the 909'.

    The ride is tunable so I'm not sure about a single resonant frequency. I do normally tune and eq mine though.

    I bought my 808 nearly 20 years ago from a guy who told me the kick was too big for club tracks at the time. I just smiled and said sure.

    If people own them and think they sound pitiful until processed then chime in, otherwise it's just stuff 'a few people realise' without much real experience of these analog machines. If it's opinions sourced from samples I'm sorry to say that won't cut it with me.

    I don't think you need these machines to make great music though, just that unless you have one your opinion is going to be a bit of a guess.

  • I've just been catching up on this thread so sorry this is off the current topic. There was talk about recording guitars a few months back and it reminded me of this video

    I neither play nor record guitars but I loved hearing about the production techniques used to get the sound and tones. Blending mics, mic placement, room size etc.

    In other news, I haven't touched Ableton in months. I'm still at the stage of starting stuff, producing myself into a corner and then never finishing it. I plan to get back on it soon. One day I'll have something finished to post here.

  • Great video. All the people in the comments talking about how no-one would boost the mids that much forget that a) that guitar is tuned to C, and b) they're using a bass amp. Josh Homme always used to use bass amps in Kyuss and the very early Queens stuff too, so those mids NEED a boost.

    Wasn't sure whether to post this up here but I figure I may as well - I soft launched my album today, and here's the first video from it:



    It's an ambient piano / guitar feedback album based around the different types of movement at very high altitude. This one is called 'Floating'.

    If you like it, the album will be streaming from tomorrow on Spotify / Apple Music etc, but it's available to listen to and buy today at bandcamp: https://nathanielkemeno.bandcamp.com/

  • Very nice. I've just mastered a track I spent a lot of time programming in lockdown. By the time I'd recorded it I couldn't listen to it any more but yesterday I found it and thought it's got some good qualities so I'm sharing it on soundcloud.


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We are the music makers - producers?

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