We are the music makers - producers?

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  • Moog Minitaur

    How much?

  • It owes me £1200 so something close to that - comes with the original manual (Japanese), OG power cable (Japanese), unused spare tape + uk 15v DC I sourced so you don’t need to mess around with adapters.

  • Nice one bit spendy for me. Possibly one of the coolest things ever tho. Could spend hours watching the tape! GLWS


  • That's probably the right price. I was hoping for less, but wouldn't insult you


  • Vermona DRM1 mk3 cv/gate


  • How much for the push? I've been toying with the idea of getting a 2nd one for playing live.

  • £350 (OG box etc.) although I’ll hold on to it for a bit until a chunk of the other stuff is gone as makes life easy if someone comes to view/test something down the line.

  • FYI ill be looking to get around the market value for stuff minus 5-10 percent or so if sold on here as will be dodging some fees.

    I do have this soundcraft GB2 24 in VGC that comes in a decent flight case that I will sell cheap (£500) as it’s gonna be a fucker if I have to store it:

    I’ll do an FS thread with pics+prices today/tomorrow and link to it in this thread.

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  • Loving the blackbox @EB being able to make tracks on the sofa whilst or at work is amazing. Have you encountered many bugs? I'm running 1.7.4. Already knocked together a jungle tune for this months music makering challenge. It's a banger. Got to figure out the song mode now.

  • The only bugs I've encountered are sometimes sending MIDI sequences to external gear, it will do strange stuff. Turn off and back on its fine. The other one I've made it crash by using reverb and delay on tons of pads. That's about it.

  • Cool, no rush as it'll just go in cupboard for the foreseeable anyway. Can't see you having any issues shifting it at that price if I talk myself out of it.

  • Yea a cpu meter would be good. The granular synth seems to make it struggle a little if you have lots of pads with it on. I like the fact they respond quite well to customers on the feature requests for updates, I dunno if all manufacturers are like this nowadays. Only little bugs I've found are things like when you record a sequence sometimes it doest load properly on the preview page and when slicing long audio files it sometimes takes a sec to load in preview, I guess this is cause its reading it from the sd card. Anyways impressed so far. Being able to make music whilst pretending to do work is priceless.

  • Any recommendations for a decent, cheapish (ha!) small (25 key) MIDI keyboard with a decent key action? I was considering getting the Roland K25m keyboard for my SH-01a but they're £85 which I think is a bit of a rip.

    So I've been down a rabbithole and was considering the Launchkey MK3 Mini for not much more than the Roland thing, and with the ability to do a lot more than just control the SH, but I just know the keys are gonna be dire.

    Is there anything semi decent between that and £300 plus notes for the Keystep Pro?

    Ideally small so it fits into my Blackbox/Bluebox ethic!

  • Second-hand Keystep v1? Now that they've released the 37 with new features, people might offload the old one like I did. They did black ones of the v1 Keystep, but they might be hard to find. The Microlab looks to have the same keys but rather garish colourways.

    I didn't hate the Korg Microkey I used to have, but it's not got the DIN or CV outs, which I later found I wanted.

  • Good shout there's one on ebay, I'll watch it. Ta

  • Regular Keystep is a total winner. Can’t be beat in that price range, it’s one of the few with DIN midi (and CV/gate) and the sequencer is wonderful.

  • Dibs on the Samson patch bay - it’s the Plus I assume? How much are you looking for?

  • yeah, s-patch plus (blue one with switches on the front). £100 ? can deliver if you are reasonably local

  • Cheers, I’ll pm you.

  • I'm finally getting my shit together and putting some songs into Logic for my new project... But unfortunately, it seems my ancient Midiman Oxygen 8 isn't gonna play ball anymore...

    Was eyeing up the Akai MPK Mini in the shop yesterday and very nearly bought one on the spot, should I? It's gonna be used by a two fingered pianist for simple keyboard stuff and some drum input... Will it do the job? The size is winning me over atm, I don't have the space for, nor do I need, a full size keyboard... Thanks, peeps.. <3

  • Yeah, it should do just fine. I have a little Akai LPK as a travel midi keyboard and it “just works”. The keys are teeny tiny (which is fine because it allows the whole thing to be tiny), but I assume the ones on the MPK are a bit more manageable, and Akai know what they’re doing with pads.

    There’s other usb / midi keyboards that have specific software integrations or built in sequencers or whatever but just for input the Akais look totally fine.

  • Perfect, thank you... I've just ordered the black out version, because why wouldn't I? :)

  • Bit more tinkering needed to get the midi to play nice, so far I got pads triggered from the 'channel on' 5-15, can also use it as a slice trigger/keyboard, also cycle through projects/psets with prog change on. Maximum respect to airhead for being a proper gent and sorting me out.

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  • Anyone want a Roland tr8s - mint condition. £430

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We are the music makers - producers?

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