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  • Donno if anyone else here is using a current gen MPC or Force, but 2.9 just dropped a few hours ago and the new Drum Synth plugin looks pretty interesting - lots of Techno potential similar to the weird sounds you can pull from the Electric epiano modeler.

    Got the news while eating my breakfast before heading into work - very long day waiting to be back home so far.

  • After banging on about RME reliability in the past, my Fireface 800 died last weekend. Contacted the UK distributor who said I could send it to Germany or save some money and trying fitting a new PSU first. £70, free next day delivery and a tiny bit of soldering (3 wires) later and it’s back up and running.
    Pretty impressed with that level of support tbh - my unit is >15 years old and I’d half expected to have to bin it.

  • can anyone please give me some advice about power supplies for a small eurorack case? 60hp, 3u? How do I do it? It’ll probably only be used for a small mixer and some fx modules.

  • Was looking for a stand alone sampler that I can use to fart around making beats with then play trombone over the top,would need to be battery powered so I could busk. Am I right in thinking the MPC Live 2 is the ultimate option? anyone have one here? any others to consider perhaps something cheaper/older/portable?

  • 30% off at reason if anyone is interested:


  • What are you mixing into it? DFAM/M32 type semimodular stuff?

    4MS Pod 60 is probably what you're looking for:


    I have an Intellijel Palette and love it but it's probably overkill for your use case.

    Only thing to watch is the total power draw of the modules you want to put in it. Digital modules, which many fx modules are, tend to draw a lot more power than purely analogue ones.

    Use Modular Grid to mock up the rack as you will have it and it will tell you the total power requirements. If it's under what the Pod is rated for, you're golden.

    If you've never installed eurorack modules before, it is very very worth watching this:


  • MPC Live is pretty powerful and easy to use, especially if you are used to working on a computer DAW. There is also the Korg Electribe 2 Sampler (E2S) which is older and cheaper, and is also really easy to use. Not an eternity of sample time, but your use case may well be just fine with it.

    If you only need sample playback, sequencing & manipulation rather than actual live sampling, look at the Elektron Model:Samples. There is a battery handle coming for that (since like a year) but you can easily use a battery pack with it into the socket that is designed for the battery attachment.

    If you do need live sampling, maybe the Digitakt - it's incredibly powerful and still costs hundreds less than the MPC. A lot of people use it with a battery pack. I've seen people do an internal battery mod on them too.

  • Nice one, Don't really know much about any of them. Gives me something to research on the night shift. Thanks for that dude.

  • That’s brilliant, thanks so much. Yeah it’ll only be for semi-modular. I’ve bought the case already, a discarded Moog Subharmonicon housing, and I’ll run it with Moog DFAM, Mother 32 and Subharmonicon. All the units are 60hp to keep things tidy 🙃. I looked at the intellijel case and you’re right, whilst its amazing it’ll be overkill for me as i probably just need fx and maybe a 4-8 channel mixer.

    Soo for a power bus, tip top? Or something else?
    Thanks again!

  • Cool, yeah, Tiptop Uzeus or 4MS row power are both popular. Do blank off any open gaps, you don't want a patch cable falling into the bus power. :)

  • Check the Befaco Hexmix for a 6-channel eurorack mixer by the way. There is an expander module that gives you three sends and more but it’s the same size again.

  • @Settle check out the 1010music Blackbox. I took that over the Digitakt for more outs. Plus I just can't get with the Elektron stuff, I've tried I really have. Not for me.

  • Mm, Elektron is not for everyone. Just having a single undo that kind of works, half the time, if you notice your mistake soon enough, and remember/guess the right button combo, puts a lot of people off.

    I do really vibe with the way it works but I put quite a bit of time in learning the Monomachine some years back. After that first machine they all kinda work the same way and it’s pretty quick to get going.

    Their newer/cheaper/simpler machines are definitely much easier to learn though.

  • I've just had to print manuals for my Analog Four and Octatrack. I've still got my MM SF6 and MD UW but the newer ones have got another layer of complexity.

  • The Octatrack is the one where I feel they didn’t really do a good UX job. It’s like you’re seeing the internal workings of everything and unless you’re an engineer it makes little sense. It’s amazing, but also infuriating sometimes.

    The new ones are simplified in lots of ways, for the good, but I don’t like how many hidden button combos and menus there are sometimes. Complex structures are fine but I like when all the modes are labelled on the front panel. Mutes on the Digis can be really confusing.

    Let me know if you’re ever selling your MDUW by the way. Always wanted one, couldn’t afford it at the time and bought the non-UW version instead (which I still use, great machine).

  • I'm using a polyend tracker, which might be worth checking out, has the features your looking for. Polyend have added alot of useful updates since release.

  • It's been interesting watching them develop. I put a lot of hours into the MM and I love the keyboard version, I did have the Mk2 desktop for a while but sold it when I was slimming the studio down. The MM still finds a place in everything I do.

    When the MD UW was first released I'd been waiting to buy it and the first thing I did was contact Elektron for a blue screen and replaced the standard red one. They were really cool about it and didn't even charge for the screen! I'll bear it in mind that you might be interested if I ever decide to sell. It gets used a bit but I have a 909,808 & SP1200 so no problems with percussion!

    Of course they are a bit more of a force these days, in the early days they were inspired to replicate the EMU SP1200, these days they are setting the standards.

  • Meant to add, I have the MKII octatrack which has the better UX for sure. I think they just added so many features that need menu settings and the pattern/kit/set options are a bit confusing. I wish they had maintained the functionality whereby the machine always saves it's entire state when it's switched off. Loosing carefully crafted samples is no fun.

    I've spent the last 6 months writing a midi song structure in mine, that's how slow my workflow with it is.

  • Mm, yeah I had a Mk1 for a little while and got kind of frustrated with it. I didn't like that it gives you absolutely nothing. There are many simple things that make no sense, until you learn the specifics of how the Octatrack has been designed. There's an awful lot of bespoke terminology and structures to learn as well. Here's my favourite Octatrack meme:

    Having said that, I just recently bought the Anniversary Edition, so I clearly haven't learned my lesson. The extra Mk2 buttons and labels do seem to be an improvement.

  • Nice one for the suggestions makes for interesting reading.I was pretty impressed with the Elektron Model:Samples which I hadn't heard of before. Seems really easy to get a groove/beat going, but I do wonder if I'll get frustrated by its limitations, lack of sample editing. Seen it for sale at around 275 which seems pretty decent value, next price bracket is double the price for digitakt, polyend, blackbox. All of which look pretty interesting.

  • The M:S is definitely best thought about as a one-shot machine, and primarily a drum machine. It’s not like an MPC which is designed for crafting whole tracks. Within its limitations you can achieve a lot though, and its trump card is speed. It’s so fast to build a groove on.

  • Ha! Very apt.

    This is the T Shirt they sent as a gift with the first UW's. Thought you might like the typeface!

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  • I've always struggled with samplers. Too much menu diving. The MD UW is about as much sampling as I could take. I have learnt a bit more about the octatrak but every time I focus on one area I feel like I'm missing another aspect and just don't have the time to work on that before I get bored and move onto the next thing.

    The anniversary looks nice though. I keep telling myself I'll crack it in time, maybe 10 years, I'm ok with that.

  • That’s awesome, don’t think I’ve seen that before!

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We are the music makers - producers?

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