We are the music makers - producers?

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  • Haha! Good on yer!

  • selling an outrageously large keyboard stand over in the classifieds, if anyone here happens to be after one


  • not sure if this is the right place to ask - does anyone have any experience with ordering from Bax Music? Mixed reviews online

  • I've bought a few things from there. Not had any problems myself, but usually it comes from the Netherlands and you get an EU power supply with an adaptor. Having said that, I bought my Peak from there and it came with a UK PSU (maybe because it's a UK company?).

    Their Peak price is often the best available.

  • I’ve also bought quite a few bits from there with no issues. UK plugs too.

  • I've got such a hard-on for the Moog Subharmonicon RN


  • Just got a new Mac mini to get my proper 'studio' up and running after a 8 year space/kids hiatus. Logic 8 to X has changed a bit, but old tracks are mostly working. Gonna be fun trying to work out the best way to integrate my synthstrom deluge, and jonesing for the Behringer 808 thingy. I can't believe how much time I used to spend mousing around on the piano roll, there's no way I want to be doing that again. Logic will basically be a recorder now. One of my speakers has a fault, but my modular seems to be ok, but I've forgotten so much it's like being a beginner again!

  • Hey,
    Could anyone help me with an Ableton 10 Registration code please? or point me in the direction of a trusted seller?

  • I've got an Ableton Lite code you're welcome to?

    Long shot but that's not the Charles Boyle who used to be in Hybrid UK is it?

  • Yeah man, that would be a great help. I'll give you a message once I'm home and set up.
    Unfortunately not, maybe just another big B99 fan!

  • Ha nice! Didn't realise there was a character there too. Ace, ping me a PM when you're set up.

  • I think the new JHS 3 Series Reverb pedal is really interesting. I couldn't find any demos of it on synths or drum machines so I did one.


    See what you think, let me know in the comments, like and subscribe and smash that bell button if you wanna be notified every time I drop a new video [[THIS SENTENCE IS A JOKE, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS]].

  • I think this thread may be the best place to share this:


  • I've been off producing for a while, plenty of jams but not many tracks. This came together from a jam with the TR8S and TB03 and I decided to go with it, so done pretty quickly. Already got a release lined up. This is one of three self masters I did today, probably pick of the bunch. Acid banger.


  • I've been off producing for a while, plenty of jams but not many tracks.

    Story of my life for the last 4-5 years.

  • Well I've scaled down my setup and focused in on what I want to do, which helps massively

  • Very nice. I have a similar setup and I've been even less prolific. 'Acid House' would be an obvious pick from my Soundcloud.


    Lockdown has given me some time to master one or 2 newish pieces of kit and I should have another tune or 2 ready soon. I'd like to press a 12" with a friends artwork. Mostly for the artwork. Yet to chase down a price for a limited run though.

  • Anywhere here know a good source for some original break samples used in old school jungle? There used to be a site that had them all, but it's since gone down and my MPC corrupted the SD card I had them all on :C

    I can find the Amen/Think/Apache/Funky Drummer easily enough, but I'm looking for some of the "filler" breaks such as Sesame Street, Cold Sweat, Sweet Pea, Whole Thing, etc.

  • The old Zero-G Jungle Frenzy/Warfare CDs? Also Norman Cook - Skip to my Loops.

  • Roger Sanchez was pretty good on Beatport's Twitch last night, but most of the people who post on here seem to be into the hardware, so these Chris Liebing videos might be of more interest, if you haven't seen them already.



  • I don't have them to hand but I have the old DOA classic breaks pack, which has all the good ones and most of the crap ones on there in 24bit. If you don't get another good answer, ping me a PM and i'll upload to some webspace.

  • Junglebreaks was the site I got them all off before. Glad to see they've been archived. Cheers!

  • You should be able to find most of them here I think: https://rhythm-lab.com/breakbeats/

  • You should be able to find most of them here I think: https://rhythm-lab.com/breakbeats/

    I'd stumbled on that one. It's nice to get higher quality stereo samples of some of them, but a few of the originals from junglebreaks.co.uk a missing.

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We are the music makers - producers?

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