We are the music makers - producers?

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  • Mauto volume should be able to do what you want. Check out the quick tips video on the link where it explains how to use it, you can download it for a free 15 day trial.


  • Great. Thank you.

  • Yeah basically what you want is a compressor, but finding the right settings can be really challenging until you understand exactly how they work. That MAutoVolume software looks like a good shortcut to the right solution for your use case.

  • I'm hoping it works with Audacity, although I might need one of these other 'hosts': https://www.meldaproduction.com/about/sy­stem-requirements?presenter=Html

  • Audacity can load VST effects so you should be fine.

  • Excellent! 😎

  • Oh, and I posted the mix in here in case anyone's interested in that sort of thing...


  • How long are the drops we're talking about here? Few milliseconds, few seconds, few minutes?

  • Probably about 15-30secs. If you go to 61:15 you’ll hear an example at 61:30.


  • I hear it (and an excellent amen tearout to boot!). Is that the DJ bringing down the fader and mixing another tune in?

  • More or less. Basically there is a crossfader curve adjustment knob on the Allen&Heath Xone32 I’m using. The fader was on channel 1, say, and before I moved the fader I’ve slackened off the cut on the fader as I wanted a very gradual blend before slowly moving the crossfader to the centre and then slowly returning the knob to the original position. Only thing is, I didn’t realise it would have the effect of dipping the volume of the live channel - I didn’t hear it at the time.

    It’s not a disaster as it kind of announces the transition. I’d just like to hit a button on something to automatically detect the few occasions where it happens and compensate for it, if it makes it sound better. I certainly can’t be bothered to isolate and amplify the sections on the waveform.

  • I see what you mean. I hadn't noticed Gewürzt's post but I think they're right that this kind of automated fader thing is about as close as you're going to get. I don't think there is anything that'll do that automatically. The only other alternative would be to put a compressor / lmiter on the output but but it'll be 'best efforts' - it won't compensate for something like that. By far the best approach is to manually edit the amplitude of the waveforms - much easier in something like Ableton using master fader automation than something like Audacity I imagine.

    It's a great mix btw, been bashing it out this morning.

  • Cheers! Some really great tracks on there. Love the dark atmosphere - Dee Jay stuff from 93/94 is just all brilliant.

    I'm going to save the Audacity project and will no doubt eventually get around to trying to master it at some point. Will see how long it takes the mix to annoy me into doing it.

  • Sure everyone's seen this by now. Oh how I wish I could have a go...


  • Yeah, I enjoyed that video a lot.

    A bloke I used to work with just posted a rundown of the latest version of his portable production station (he makes most of his music on his tube commute):


  • That is ingenious. Like the couple of tracks on the channel too.

  • Just saw this on Reddit. Feeling it. https://youtu.be/CFG5dk1GyRo

  • I know this isn't quite the thread but wtf... it's still making music. I've been hoarding "songs", basically snatches of melody hummed or dee-dee-dee'd over guitar parts for months now. Some of them have started to solidify into go-to tangible tunes that I quite like. Realised last week that I have about 5 or 6 of these on the go. Been off sick this week and have just put pen to paper (well, fingers to keys) on lyrics for the first of them. An idea emerged this morning and seems to have some legs... looking forward to getting it finished and to start recording again. I need this back in my life.

  • For the record the tune is a doo-wop/gospel kind of fingerpicked solo guitar piece and the lyric idea involves a beyond the grave narrator... as all the best songs do. Number one with a bullet in 2021.

  • For the record, other works in progress include:

    • A shameless rework of Neil Young's Down by The River verse and a needlessly melodramatic Death Cab type chorus in D

    • the chords to Blue Bossa by Kenny Dorham played on an out of tune piano under new Rufus Wainwright-esque melody. No lyrics yet.

    • A Nick Drake esque fingerpicked thing in drop C tuning that has had pages and pages lyrics tried and rejected over the years. It keeps accidentally ending turning into the theme to The Detectorists which is annoying.

    • A stupid joke piratey song I wrote about ten years ago about being marooned on Catford Island. I need to make it less stupid and BBC R4 comedy song because I really like the tune and the central joke.

    • A sweet fingerpicked thing I found in a "made-up" open 6 tuning which sounds like a pedal steel. The backing sounds part Hank Williams and part Brian Wilson. Might stay instrumental. It did once have lyrics based on a short story by Roald Dahl but I couldn't make that work.

  • pre-order now!

  • I finally found an Oberheim Matrix 1000 for a sensible price... The Stereoping controller/editor is however a much less sensible price so have looking into options for patch editing and think something iPad based would be the nicest to use.

    Could someone give me some pointers as to how I get from the USB C port on my iPad to the MIDI in on my interface with the least amount of connections/adapters, ideally while still being able to charge the iPad?

  • iConnectivity mioXC.

  • Purrrfect. Cheers.

  • Nice! Can't wait to hear it. We still blast 3 Miles Down round this way.

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We are the music makers - producers?

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