We are the music makers - producers?

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  • What do we think of the AKG K702s? I'm very tempted...

    Crazily enough, I've found a MOTU M2 and I have one sitting in my cart!

    EDIT: Spoke too soon, out of stock after all... Stupid website...

  • Damn. Well they look worth the wait.

    This is what I saw about availability earlier:

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  • Yeah they have some real supply chain issues at the moment, apparently it’s to do with certain components they need.

  • Lots of reports of MOTU M4 units dropping out signal and generally being a bit shit, seems to be mostly on PC but knowing my luck I'll get a shit unit that won't work on my MBP... If they're ever back in stock...

    Annoying, will have to keep an eye on how the last update has fared, see if it's fixed the bugs...

  • Oh really - where are you reading that? Wonder if it’s people trying to run it with too small a buffer. Not surprised if that’s more of a problem on PC.

    The Ultralite mk4 seems to be considered the model to go for if you can but I’ve only heard good things about the M2/M4 as well.

  • Oh really - where are you reading that?

    Couple of YouTube reviews and some comments on gearslutz too, enforced extra research while I wait for a restock... Could be a while!

    I can buy an SSL 2+ tomorrow but I much prefer the metering on the MOTU... If I have to wait too long I may be forced to get one anyway, I'm sure it'll be more than adequate for my needs... Haven't checked the latency compared to the M2/M4...

  • That was pretty much my experience of using a couple of different Motu interfaces (828mk2/3 and a smaller one). That was a while back though and on PC.
    I just looked up RME interfaces of the same sort of size and realised they’re 2-3 times as expensive so probably not helpful but I’ve had a Fireface 800 for four years now and have genuinely never had to restart my pc/daw or turn it off and on again etc to solve a mysterious drop. It just works!
    Even doing dumb stuff like turning it off mid project mid playback (although that may also be testament to Cubase stepping their game up).

  • selling an sp-555 if anyone is after a sampler


  • Just bought the SSL 2+, I'm sure it'll be perfect for my needs... Looking forward to making some tunes!!

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  • Nice, post feedback pls.

  • Anyone fancy buying my NF-1 for £650 before I list it with the usual suspects (for more monies) this evening?

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  • I have a soft spot for those (and other weird digital synths), sadly cannot justify. GLWS

  • Goddammittt! I've been after one for so long, but I'm having to sell my own stuff just to pay the rent each month. :(
    How about a part exchange for a fully uograded mpc5000 with walnut sides, blackout button kit, black fatpads, cd drive, full memory etc?😘

  • Mayyybe... Ideally I want to sell this + the perfourmer mk1 for funds towards a Multiclock and Matrix 1000. As you are also a cycle courier you will be well aware that work is almost non-existent at the moment 😢

    I’m gonna stick it up for £750-800ish so if it’s doesn’t move would be up for trading. Although I suspect having an MPC will result in making me spend more money getting a 3000 down the line

  • I had a 3000, had to sell it, sold one 5000 already, sold my mpc x last week, my Avalon vt 747, my track bike... It sucks.
    I would have happily snapped up the NF 1 for £650 any other time. :(

  • Took an entire day to sell the NF-1 on Reverb. Perfourmer V1 also gone.

    What is cheap and good for pads? Just for bubbling away in the background while I focus on Tempest programming, will get an analog poly further down the line.

  • Sold my old emx1 to fund this. Any other users?

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  • How cheap and how polyphonic?

    The Roland D-05 does amazing pads, it’s a pain to program unless you use an editor or a computer but there are lots of good patches out there on the internet.

  • Oooo nice! I enjoyed the knobs demo of this.

  • Yeah £400ish ballpark - though with a programmer that’ll end up a bit spendy, and if I use the computer figure I may as well use a vst.

    6 voices will do if makes good noises as can send it to delay/reverb (really need to learn Tempest..)

  • There are good free computer editors for the D-05 but, yeah, I rarely end up using them. There’s a nice Legowelt patch collection for the D-05 / D-50 that is great if you like his sort of stuff. And loads of classic banks that people have made over time - also the D-05 comes with all the expansion cards “installed” so it has masses of good presets.

    I really wish the JU-06A had more than 4 voices because I think it sounds great.

    Korg Minilogue is great value, being analogue and with keys for around £400 but also only 4 voices.

    A second hand Digitone would be awesome, because the Digitone can do basically everything including amazing pads, but they hold their value well and I doubt you’d find one for 400.

    Waldorf Blofeld? I had one and got a bit tired of the interface but it sounds really good.

  • Can def recommend the Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones Joe. Had mine for 6 years now. Love them

  • Thanks for the pointers. I found you can get ipad editor for the J05 (and blofeld) which is slightly more appealing. Also came across the Modal Argon 8m which looks go0d too. Will keep watching videos on YouTube.

    Had a play around with wavetable in Live and thought I could get away without spending £ until I realised how slow it makes my computer.

  • Are there any effects/filters that will detect and bring up drops in volume, specifically in Audacity?

    I don't think 'normalise' does this, and maybe there is no 'AI' type solution, i.e. I'd have to manually identify the sections in the waveform and amplify accordingly. Just looking for something to run over a mix, if there is something.

    This has come about from me adjusting the cross-fader curve in the mix which has dropped the volume of the live channel - something that was imperceptible on the monitor but I can hear on the recording. Not a major deal, but kinda annoying. I've kept the 'project' in Audacity just in case.

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We are the music makers - producers?

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