We are the music makers - producers?

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  • Probably RF interference from the earth loop PC->USB interface->speaker amp - if you crank it it might sound a bit R2D2 and change as you do things on screen. An earth lift at some point in the chain should stop it - either a USB isolator or something inline between the interface and amp.

    Edit: front usb could well be better - potentially better shielding on cabling and marginally further away from graphic card/chip.

  • Ha, absolutely .

  • I just assumed because it wasn't bundled with the coils of power cables and shit behind the PC there'd be less RF.

  • Keeping myself busy...

    I bought my NF-1 ( like almost everything) used and seller didn’t send the box, rack ears or end cheeks.

    Today I made some from some old oak flooring, not perfect but pretty happy. Couple of burn marks at the back, and need some large washers cause the holes are a bit messy (also need to find the correct screws).

    Plan to drop that table down so I can have a MIDI keyboard at a proper height and learn to play a bit while I have some time on my hands.

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  • Very nice indeed. I used to hate wooden end cheeks, now I love them.

  • I’m not overly fond usually, think the organic/electronic mix is a bit strange. Will see how I feel once that table area is finished.

  • Anyone on here got a TR-08/09 and want to share your thoughts? I have a desire for a second drum machine and a few instantly recognisable sounds. Plus the individual inputs over USB look useful for not eating up interface inputs.

  • I had a Tr-09 for a year. I liked it, but I could happily listen to a 909 being played for hours anyway :) Very playable (I had no problems with the small size at all).

    The only criticism I had was ... a couple of extra audio outputs would have been really nice. And that’s ultimately the reason it went.

    I can’t really comment on the audio over USB as I use an analogue mixer.

    The actual drum programming of the Boutique drum machines is virtually identical to the og machines, so they very much lend themselves to certain genres and styles/eras (unless you sequence them from elsewhere).

  • Thx! I like more of the sounds from the 808, but leaning towards the 09 for the hats/clap. The ones on my Vermona are great for more ambient/downtempo stuff but can't seem to get them to sound 'right' for stuff with more intensity (suspect my brain just wants 808/909 sounds after being hammered with them for 15ish years).

  • I come from a background of using an Atari ST with cubase and external sound sources, then taking years off of making electronic music. I have never used hardware sequencers or the sequencers on hardware like drum machines before... or rather until very recently.

    I recently bought a few Boutique modules including the TR-08 and TR-09.

    I absolutely love the TR-09... can't believe how much fun it is, and how it's not that hard to use. Be nice if it was bigger, but I'm a fat fingered bloke and it's fine.

    TR-08... not really started to explore properly yet, but seems like I might not like it as much. But I might love it.

  • Unless you really need the smaller size of the boutiques, the TR-8 gives you 808, 909 and more with the added bonus of faders, a couple of individual outs, and for barely any more money.

  • I come from a background of using an Atari ST with cubase and external sound sources

    Same, hacked Cubase on a floppy, an Alesis SR16 and a Roland U-220 was my final setup on an ST... Using a Yamaha DX100 as a controller... Band broke up and I sold my Les Paul to buy a Casio FZ1 so I could make music for video games... Ha, fucking loser... 😂

  • My best mate in primary school with two docs as parentals was loaded so he was the one with the PC, Cubase, Roland keyboard, Soundblaster, bass guitar, etc. We'd both make tracker music and I'd go to his place and we'd put together MIDI stuff in CuBase. He was the talented one. I just like making noise. He went on to write games, code audio engines for console games and similar. We lost contact when we went to different unis.

    and I've just found his CV from 10 years ago online :)

  • My mate had a Roland 606, well it looked like a 303 at least. We pushed it through a Boss SE70 Effects machine and utterly magnificent noise came out. (well we thought so)

    Also went to a studio to have an engineer use Cubase on the Atari ST with an Akai S1000 sampler. £15 an hour I think it was, all mixed down to a DAT we couldn't even play at home!

    Dancefloor Studios, part of In-ter-dance/Sterns on the South coast if anyone remembers?

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  • Do you have the audio in another format or have you hung onto this tape for years and never played it?

  • I couple of years later I bought a TDC-8 and managed to connect it to my Mac optical in via a very expensive cable.

    At the time I think we were getting cassette dubs made for checking and the DAT went to the mastering house/record label. Wild times.

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  • I had an ST with Cubase - was well out of my depth, but really enjoyed it. Then I saved up for a Roland 505 with my weekend job - it wasn't the best bit of kit but it kept me entertained.

  • My Atari didn't even have a monitor so I used a programme to view it on a portable black and white television. And I still have loads of DATs lying around. Did look at buying a DAT machine last year, but they seem to have all died, so the remaining ones are a bit expensive.

  • A DAT Walkman? Well, bugger me, I've not truly lived!

  • Yeah, this is cool.

    I listen to different genres all the time so it's hard to pin down what I like. Could be minimal. Could be tech house one week. I was listening to mostly psy trance and Vitalic's live album yesterday. Anything with a 303 automatically gets points.

    I think I'm just a whore for electronica.

  • A DAT Walkman? Well, bugger me, I've not truly lived!

    Two hours of CD quality field recording . Lovely.
    Bought mine in Akihabara Tokyo for a great price at the time. Bloody thing doesn't rewind now, it's very temperamental.

  • I used to dream about Minidisc and what were those digital cassettes that were around for a while in the early 90s? DCC and shit like that. Never had the money for any of this shit mind, we used to just hassle the guys in the hifi stores for demos

  • MD was a bit compressed I think but shock proof. I did buy a recording version. It's availability kind of coincided with recording into the Mac via SoundEdit 16 so was less interesting for me.

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  • Yeah it used A something compression. I vaguely remember arguing about this shit with people.
    Ridiculous considering it took another 10 years before I even touched an actual MD player. I do have some MDs somewhere but no device to play them. Think I borrowed a recorder off my boss and never bought one myself.

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We are the music makers - producers?

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