We are the music makers - producers?

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  • Deeeeeeeep! Hope you were wearing the Squale... Very impressive...

  • 🙏 thank you thank you... might stream this evening and get a few more boxes involved.

  • @regal nice!

    I was just coming here as I’m gonna try do something similar...

    What do I need to get an iPhone or iPad to take the master from Live (via headphone out on interface) as the audio source for video?

  • YouTube won’t let you stream from your phone until you have 1000 subscribers or something.

    I had to use OBS (no browser-based streaming was able to use my interface as an audio source) and an older Apogee Duet interface I had lying around as OBS only picked up the first two channels of my multichannel interface.

    It’s one of those things that seems harder than you’d think it should be.

  • Any idea why Reaper would not play certain MIDI instructions?

    I've set up a basic drum pattern using Drumatic 3 virtual instrument and even though the hats are all the same Velocity (127) it gets half way through and stops playing them. If I delete and re-add them it plays them. But it makes no sense. Is there another MIDI instruction that could stop them triggering?

    I mean, I've redone them but it makes no sense.

  • Will do on Instagram because that’s where most of my friends won’t watch it...

    I read you need to use a TRS - TRRS adapter that goes into the lightning dongle that means it will pickup an external microphone, not sure if that will then pick up any audio sent to it through a 3.5mm TRS or not though.

  • Try to setting up a midi filter to remove everything apart from on/off messages, might be some other MIDI ccs or something being sent that it doesn’t like.

  • I think there might be adaptors that take a stereo TRS output and shove one channel into the mono mic input, but I have no experience of them. You might be better off with a cheap USB/lightning interface (eg Roland Go:Mixer, which is what my first couple of M:C jams used) but also you might not. I deleted Instagram a while back so can’t test, but when I did use it I remember it summed any video you uploaded to mono. No idea if it does that (or discards one channel) for streaming. Maybe not.

  • Thanks.
    I redid the pattern so now I've lost the 'problem'. No idea how to filter MIDI in Reaper.
    I'm just watching tutorial videos when I think of something I want to do but can't.

    Just watched this dude explode a MIDI segment by notes into separate tracks which is pretty neat. Much faster way to get drum pattern variations than my noob copy/paste/edit method.


  • Yeah IG sums to mono, and the TRS-TRRS adapter does the same. Taking punt on that cause it’s a tenner and will just sum the mono in live on the master - The stuff I’m making is fairly minimal and not particularly well produced so won’t matter so much for the moment + working in mono will free up a few audio inputs too.

  • Sensor introducing "Lockdown Edition"
    Free Sample Pack by Brian Sanhaji

    Since the Covid-19 quarantine / crisis hits everyone very hard
    and most of us now have a lot of time to make music,
    i have a free sample pack for you here.
    I hope you have a little fun with it, let yourself be inspired and at least for a few minutes you can forget the shit that is going on.

    All loops are created with a Modular System and Vintage Hardware Synths.

    59 Loops (Leads, Industrial, Resonant)
    13 Groups in 7 Sections with 100 loops in total.

    This pack contains 160 Samples

    274MB (unzipped) - 160 x 44,1Khz, WAV 24bit at 130bpm

    100% Royalty Free


  • OMG I just found the effects..

  • Free drum machines here...

  • I recently recorded a 20 minute live set in my home studio... I never usually finish anything but there's 20 minutes of noise / drone / harsh experimental techno made using nothing but guitar fx and a mixer if anyone's interested. Auto Pilot Canceller on bandcamp.

    I used to use cubase back in the day... now I'm just starting to get a hardware only set-up together to try to make more normal techno using actual synths.

    I mess around with guitar too, badly. I have reaper but have decided it's all about hardware and playing live, not sitting at a laptop.

  • Spanks, added to the collection.

  • Snippet of yesterday's fucking around trying to learn Reaper:

    This is missing the big VStation lead I was playing around with then got so bored with. It's some virtual instruments (Drumatic3, MegaDirty) and some samples with some effects (particularly like the EQ'd and panned loopy perc thing). Did I mention I found out how to layer effects on samples and virtual instruments? OMG... NOISE for days!

    Yeah, I won't be storming up the club charts any time soon but it's better than watching TV all bloody day.

  • Am I correct in thinking that any digital optical cable (w/ Toslink connection) can transfer 8x channels over ADAT?

  • Yeah, I won't be storming up the club charts any time soon but it's better than watching TV all bloody day.


  • I’ve never had problems with any cable, from thinnest and cheapest to dearer. More often had problems with the devices at either end.

  • Finally think I've got the TB-3 + Reaper combo sussed.

    Can send MIDI to the TB-3 from the MPK keyboard via Reaper and then get audio from the TB-3 back into Reaper. So can now tweak sick acid riffs while layering drums and shit on via Reaper.

    So, yeah, productive lunch break.

    Next thing I want to try and work out how to modify FX parameters live, so I can filter in and filter out sounds.

  • Can you record the knob sweeps from a TB3 as MIDI? That would be kinda useful.

  • That should be relatively straight forward but I've never used reaper (or a TB3) so i don't know how it implements midi. When you you have the TB3 on a track in reaper do you have any display of midi in/out?

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We are the music makers - producers?

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