We are the music makers - producers?

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  • Thanks! I have to build it out into a track and record it properly but I am surprised at how “finished” things sound on it with very little effort, I think there’s some soft compression/limiting going on. Like the Digitakt has a high EQ bump that adds some sparkle to everything.

  • @Regal those 2 videos have pretty much convinced me to get one. My housemate let me borrow his DSI tempest (has since taken it back) and having 2 drum machines, particularly one that you can save presets on was nice.

    I got some more cables and have put the Tascam in a permanent position to be a saturation/distortion dirtbox thing, which I'm liking:


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  • Nice track. The Cycles has a vibe I think.

    Looks really fast and intuitive to use (how drum machines should be!). But deep enough - judging by what ppl are doing with it already. I suspect you can make sounds on this that would take me hours on the Digitone: an hour for the patch, then an hour ironing out the clicks :P

    I really don’t need one ..... hmmm ... but do love portable stuff. I lose hours running a monologue on batteries and just pushing a simple thing as far in a direction as I can.

  • Really like the tone of those main notes there, is that the Perfourmer?

    Have fun with the M:C. It’s one of the most immediate pieces of gear I’ve ever used, I think. Here’s the third pattern I made (don't worry, I won’t keep doing this), more techno this time. I recorded the USB audio into my phone this time, seems to work well.


  • Cheers, yeah it definitely has something going on. I understand the different machines have different hidden filters added to them to help separate things, but also I think there’s just some light limiting or compression or something going on that means things sound surprisingly “finished” and punchy.

    I’m really enjoying it so far, the core machines (kick, metal, tone) are all wonderful and the UI is clever. People seem to be very keen on it, looks like a hit for Elektron.

  • Yeah, it was the immediacy I liked when I had the Tempest on loan, but don’t currently have a spare 1k knocking around to get one.

    The synthy parts are a few things layered up:

    Piano sound from the start is NF-1 > Perfourmer filter - old Korg delay (dl8000r).

    Sound from 40 secs or so is the DRM with some FM through the Perfourmer filter.

    One that comes in around half way is from the perfourmer through the same delay.

    Perfourmers are really useful as gives me additional inputs with an LP filter w/lfo. Main outs on the MK1 are pretty noisy though.

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  • Wow I haven’t seen a ministudio for years. You’re mixing down to that?

  • Piano sound from the start is NF-1 > Perfourmer filter - old Korg delay (dl8000r).

    Yeah, that one. Sounds wonderful.

  • The transport on it is broken and one of the channels has quite the hum, so it’s being used to saturate/distort hihats etc.

  • Experiments in Perfourmer as a filter bank continue. Reasonably pleased with my hi-hat > filter/lfo shaker noise. The NF-1 is on chord duty this time.


    I will try and arrange this into a slightly more imaginative whole track so I can start to learn about compression/eq/gain staging (which is going to be boring as shit). Need to record everything properly on an individual out and see how much unwanted noise there is to deal with/ work out how to do that too.

  • I miss my PortaOne, gave it to a mate years ago... Wonder is he's still got it? Was supposed to be a trade but he didn't keep his end of the bargain...

  • Cheers, good thing to mess about with (/button bash) with my son.

  • Just put this together over the last week.


  • That’s a nice freebie.

  • Is anyone up for doing any collab stuff? Particularly interested with working with someone who sings.

    Good time to make music now the world's on lock down.

  • I'm potentially interested - got a fairly blokey, middle of the road voice, but I do a mean harmony and I can self record no problem.


  • New Reaper out.

  • High-pitched hum with Reaper running on my PC.
    Only through speakers not headphones coming from the little Beringer USB audio thingie.
    Doesn't seem to be the amp as other input modes don't whine.

    Speaker cables too close to power leads?

  • Cool, I'll have more of a listen when I get the chance but the abstrakt reflections stuff sounds really great . I make dance music/electronica but never really done anything with vocals so would be up for messing and mangling.

  • Since we’re going to be at home a lot I tested out doing a creative live stream last night, made a couple of patterns on the Model:Cycles and drank a beer.


    Stream quality seems crap, will try and improve for next time.

  • really nice, from around 40 mins onwards! i am very jealous of that setup in these times of isolation

  • Thanks! Realised afterwards that that tune (or the chord bit at least) was a subconscious ripoff of John Tejada.


    Thanks for listening as well. Never really know how interested people are in that kind of creative stream. I expect most people would get sick of hearing the same loop being tweaked very gradually for 25 minutes. And the people who are interested from a production standpoint probably want to see everything you’re doing on the machine. I don’t have a camera or lighting setup to do that. Not at the moment anyway.

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We are the music makers - producers?

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