We are the music makers - producers?

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  • Well I might just have to sell out on my dislike of Behringer because this looks incredible.


  • I'm more excited by their clone of the Wasp. :)

  • That Poly D is paraphonic, not polyphonic... it sounds really good though, despite the weird addition of their crap TC Juno chorus clone. Surely it’s crying out for an analogue bucket brigade delay.

    The Wasp clone sounds like a Wasp but I’m not sure I like that sound, or would use it much. The Pro-One clone is my favourite of the ones they’ve done so far.

  • This got me really excited though:


    Dataline aka Cenk from Elektron getting so hyped on the ASM Hydrasynth he just smashes out an album on it. Some of the best stuff he’s done atmo.

  • Yeh the addition of a delay would have been awesome. I’d love to try one out, definitely tempted.

  • You're in dangerous territory if you're judging any piece of gear based on what Cenk can do with it.

  • Yeah, you’re not wrong. I have a weakness for stuff like the Hydrasynth anyway (Monomachine and Peak are my two most used synths) and this isn’t helping. I can see it being great for weird electro sounds.

  • liking this a lot!

    thanks, was definitely channeling Dave Clarke and Wax

  • Anyone on here interested in a Korg Minilogue for something around £360? Very versatile, polyphonic, all analogue etc. etc. Great condition, only been used for home and studio work, one noticeable blemish, original box.

    Thought I'd come straight to this thread rather than setting up an ad.

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  • You don't have any Kylie Minogues?

  • What can I do with an MPK Mini, a PC and a TB3? In the past I think I messed around with Ableton and Reaper but never really got anything hooked up then ran out of time. I have free time over xmas for once so thought I'd get some toys out and try to make noise.

    Last time I used Reaper it was at v4, now it's v6. I don't remember a thing about it, just that I have the installers on my machine.

    Ableton was at v8 now it's v10. How the hell is Ableton 1.3GB?!

    I think I know roughly what I want: setup the PC as a drum machine that is synced with the TB3 and use the MPK pads to trigger certain samples and the keyboard to play VST plugin synths.

  • Anyone got a decentish voice mic they're looking to offload for around £20-30?

    Or anything new at that price that's worth recommending?

    Just for putting stuff down, doesn't need to sound perfect.

  • I thought I’d replied to this!
    Ableton is probably padded out with samples and loops to get that big.
    It’s probably also the easiest way to get up and running for what you want, especially using the MPK - there might well be a preset for exactly that setup.

  • Ableton is probably padded out with samples and loops to get that big.

    Okay, maybe I'll revisit Ableton. That sample bank could be useful. I don't have time to rip and cut up samples like I used to.

    Last night I got my MPK inputting to Reaper and firing some VST synths and drums which is super neat. It can record patterns and stuff like I remember doing in Cubase back in the feckin' 90s. I need to work out how it allocates stuff to keys - seems there's just a random assortment of drum machine sounds on a variety of keys/pads. Also need to work out how to get the knobs controlling the virtual synth knobs, if you get me?

    I also plugged the TB3 into the PC. Turns out modern shit is much simpler than the old MIDI stuff - it all just works through USB - power, audio and MIDI! Awesome. Only problem is, I can't work out how to trigger the TB3 from Reaper. When I play in Reaper, it plays the existing pattern I have saved on the TB3 but I can't trigger it from the MPK or work out how to create a midi pattern that fires off the TB3.

  • Glad to see you're finally using that TB3 :)

  • Using it in the loosest sense. I've fucked around with it quite a bit as a standalone unit (I will never get tired of the 303 sound) but this is the first time I've bothered to plug it into a PC to see if I can sync it with drum patterns or other synth sounds. I know how much of a time sink it can be but I've got some extra time off over xmas with no travel planned so thought I'd see what it can do. Of course now I'm having horrible MIDI channel flashbacks and realise it takes a fucking software engineering degree to use half this shit...

  • I love that the information is out there but I don't half get annoyed having to watch hours of video to find the 30s of info I need to get one thing working.. I'll start here..


  • Anyone used Thomann's small own-brand t.mix mixers? Specifically I'm looking at t.mix 502 model.

    I'd need a mixer for couple of devices, volume control for active monitors and a headphone amp. Rolls MX28 would do pretty much everything I want, but Euro price feels pretty steep compared to U.S. pricing (ca. 150EUR vs 75USD), and otherwise I don't really have any top candidate... so I though I might as well go for whatever's cheapest for now.

  • Okay so I've run the TB3 output into my shitty USB audio controller and now it'll appear as a recorded live audio track in Reaper. That's neat, but really I want to control the TB3 with my MPK keyboard, having the notes and knob twiddles recorded in Reaper as MIDI data, not an audio recording.

    I've only got USB, no MIDI cables, but the manual says:
    "Synchronizing with your computer DAW via USBBy using a commercially available USB 2.0 cable to connect the TB-3 to your computer, you can synchronize the TB-3 with your computer DAW or record the sound of the TB-3 to a track of your DAW via USB audio."


    Also, where can I get a nice, free 909 (or any other nice drum machine) VSTi?

  • Oh hang on, I've just set the Reaper track to MIDI output CH2 and got it talking to the TB3 via MIDI. Yay. But now, do I have to map all the dials and shit on my MPK keyboard to trigger the Cutoff, Resonance, etc on the TB3? Is there an easy/quick way of doing this? A factory mapping file or something?

  • Has any kind soul on here got an ableton lite serial number spare?
    I’ve got an mpk mini that I’m desperate to have a bash with, but no software.

  • I don't I'm afraid but you can buy a legitimate one on eBay for about a fiver. You download the actual program from ableton.com and the ebay seller just sends you the registration code via email.

    Obvs not 100% guaranteed but worked fine for me.

  • I did see one of those on ebay but wasn’t sure how legit it was. I suppose it’s a fiver, so not a huge risk!

  • Yeah, I think it's not allowed per eBay rules, so don't know if you could get your money back if it didn't work. But as you say, not a big amount of money to lose.

  • I've got unused code for Lite 9 if that's of any use.

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We are the music makers - producers?

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