We are the music makers - producers?

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  • Thanks @Drano @Regal x

  • the SE-02 is a beast

    It just seems so incredibly versatile, I’Ve watches so many video clips this weekend and I know I want it. Don’t tell anyone but I’d love an eventide space to hook it up to to do some spacey ambient stuff too


    Also what's swung it for me in favour of the elektron gear is discovering that cinematic / atmospheric stuff is within reach using sample creation tools like Paul's extreme sound stretch and synth packs like Omnisphere 2.

  • One of my other favourite pieces of gear. :)

  • Is there a way to get that spacey feeling on the cheap?
    I'm thinking delay and reverb pedals.

  • Digitech Polara is the best cheap stereo reverb pedal IMO. Zoom MS-70CDR doesn’t sound quite as nice as a reverb but has more options for different effects and fx chains. Some of the Alesis Quadraverb / Midiverb descendants can also be good in a 90s way.

    Once you get up to the Space price range it’s more about the exact flavour you prefer, there are lots of excellent pedals, eg Empress Reverb, Strymon Big Sky, etc.

  • I think it’s very cheap for what you get, especially considering the price of other eventide kit! The only other reverb box I’ve found at this quality / value point is the source audio Ventris but it doesn’t have the same features.

  • Empress Reverb or Big Sky... Big Sky in particular is beloved of youtube noodlers. Neither of those get quite as out there as the Space though.

    There’s also the Oto Bam in that price range but that sounds a bit crap to my ear.

  • If you want a kind of BIG rotary-style modulation grab a Digitech Supernatural.

    (It only does very-big/dark so is arguably less useful than the Polara etc)

  • I'm sure it is, I just can't afford it

  • Ooh yes thanks

  • sold my Space when I was mostly in the box as wasn't using it - regret that now :/

  • Midiverb 4 is a very cheap way to get some ‘space’ (I run mine as monitoring vibe on dry sources). It’s not as clean or lush as more modern stuff though.

  • Ah! So this is the hardware sampler I've been looking for


  • It’s an interesting little box. Its eurorack roots are very obvious in its interface, there’s a bunch of stuff that seems missing or half done, but also it’s quite powerful for its size. I think I’d prefer the Elektron style of sequencing / modulating but you’d have to buy an Octatrack to get the timestretch, stereo sample support, etc. that the Blackbox has.

  • Yeah. After looking at it for a while I think it's maybe a bit limited. Everything is pointing to the Octatrack

  • Starting to get some nice sounds out of the DRM with a little bit of help (delay/compression) from Live. A-mazing quality from my phone recording... Still need to work out how to record in Live.


  • Looking for recommendations on reliable places to replace a driver in one of my studio monitors. I already have the replacement also so its just a case of removing the old one and fitting the new.

    One of these if it makes any difference.


  • If anyone is flogging a UA Arrow please let me know, after a classy tracking device. Cheers

  • DRM has a friend:

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  • So for live set think we've settled on 1010 Blackbox Sampler and the Squarp Pyramid sequencer.

  • ^^ looks a nice set up!

  • Getting there...

    HS8’s (one out of shot) borrowed from 1200’s in lounge so need to sort something permanent/smaller out.

    Next jobs are to rig a pullout shelf for the midi keyboard, and get some kind of pads for tapping beats in then will be sorted until the compulsion to buy hardware for processing sound arrives.

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  • ^^^^nice!

    I just picked up a UAD Arrow for tracking. Goddamn it is so nice to play / sing in real time, without latency. I'd forgotten what it was like.

  • Let us know how you get on with finding pads, I’d also like something for my DRM.
    You could use the keyboard but it’s a bit fiddly.

  • I did experiment with the keyboard triggering it but the veloc. sensitivity seemed to be a bit all or nothing and just felt a bit weird using keys. I think I'm gonna get a maschine mikro mk2 for the short term, because it's cheap and the pads are supposed to be nice, then get a push at some point.

    I have been playing with the Perfourmer all afternoon. Probably not the best synth for a beginner (me) but sounds great. Got some weird acid sounds and some fm bass out of it.

    Then I made a recording of a storm with the noise gates :D


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We are the music makers - producers?

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