We are the music makers - producers?

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  • The TR-09 and M32 both have analogue trigger I/o for clock, I think if you used that you'd bypass the issue of triggering its sequencer!

  • Overbridge is still a public beta (and not yet for Digitone ppl). Recent firmware updates are both amazing though, like you say.

  • The beta is stable and out for Digitone as well https://ja.elektron.se/support/?connecti­on=digitone

  • That can’t be right, surely people are integrating them into DAW studios that are clock sync’d and send stop/start?

  • It's a really common complaint with the M32 and there's no proper way around it. Did find one bodge on reddit that could work though:

    a. In setup, set the assignable output to "Step 1 Trigger."

    b. Create a sequence with just two rests.

    c. Patch the assignable output into the Run/Stop input.

    d. The sequencer will play just the first rest and then stop.

  • Wow, I'm glad I didn't get one then as that would do my nut! Boog Model D and a Minitaur cover my Moog requirements but there are a load of great M32 demos.

  • Legend, thanks. Now all I have to do is figure out how to work the effing sequencer on it!

  • The beta is stable and out for Digitone

    Oh nice, that somehow passed me by. Cheers.

  • Ah fuck I need the assignable output to sync the DFAM :(

    Perhaps there’ll be a software update at some point. Otherwise I’ll have to trigger the DFAM with a midi to CV convertor, or go with a CV sequencer.

  • So we did a live Acid/Techno performance last night at a club. Young team came down and were into it. We rushed through a couple in the heat of the moment, so managed 50 mins of our hour. Might have picked up some more gigs from a guy running a label and Acid nights in Glasgow.

    It wasn't recorded or filmed (apart from a wee bit of phone footage) and I kind of like that. It existed in that moment. Every time we've rehearsed it, it's had a different quality/energy and last night was no different, the last ten/fifteen mins was absolutely banging and I guess you just had to be there.

    Observations: the Moog DFAM is an absolute beast of a Techno machine, adding that into patterns, fading between that and the TR8S really transformed the sound.

    The Roland MX1 performance mixer is an amazing centre piece, but with 4 of the channels dedicated to Roland AIRA gear, I'd say that another manufacturer really needs to get on that tip and create something similar with USB channels that are class compliant. It's a great mixer though, if you don't mind losing some channels. I'm not buying any AIRA stuff though

    The TR8S is a fantastic drum machine/sample player, the trigger outs are essential and the ability to change step count on the fly is so good. Very impressed with overall quality, although it's really missing a song mode.

    People still love the sound of the 303 in whatever form its in, and to have two machines burbling away simultaneously, with different patterns and step sequences is truly still a magical thing!

    Paul's Cyclone TT303 through the RAT pedal is fucking amazing and together with the TB03, they just sit so nicely in the mix.

    We had a bit a ghetto solution for pads/strings/vocal samples, using Samplr app on the iPad for vocal samples and the Sunrizer synth for pads. This is the one area we think needs a proper solution, probably a dedicated hardware sampler. It worked OK but was hard to switch between Samplr and Sunrizer. Meh. We got away with it, just. This is where Ableton really shines in hybrid set ups, and although it was really really tempting to use Live, we wanted to challenge ourselves!

    I used to think that hardware was something to add into the DAW for some flavour, now I realise that it's the whole point! I get it, I totally get it! If I want to make a track I'll still probably use Ableton, but if I want to feel something, I'll be using the hardware! There is something about the unknown quantity and slightly random drift between devices, that each bring their own unique voltage hum and frequency. Add FX into the mix and you can really take it places.

  • Sounds fun. Where in Glasgow?

  • Yass! Hardware all the way. Congrats on the successful gig :)

  • @freddo thanks, it was quite nerve racking but good fun

    @Drano I think the Acidity nights at McChuills

  • Sounds sick. Grats on the successful gig!

    Totally agree with your assessment of all the gear. MX-1 is great as a live mixer (studio I’m not so sure). TR-8S is versatile and immediate and sounds great (agree about song mode, or just proper midi pattern switching). DFAM just slams regardless.

    Good luck with the sampler hunt. Still can’t believe Roland haven’t made a new Aira sampler design yet.

  • Yeah Roland really missing a trick if they made something approaching the Octratrack with the MX1 in mind they'd have a winner I think

  • A new Roland sampler wouldn’t even be operating in the same space-time continuum as the Octatrack. It’d be more like an Electribe or Model:Samples. Like an SP-404 with a chromatic and maybe poly mode and a TR-based step sequencer.

    The Octatrack exists in its own universe. Insane device.

  • @Regal if I have only 3-4 mono devices (DFAM, M32, probably another synth), can I use an octatrack as a thru mixer? How about applying onboard FX?

    (I know I can't do this with the Digitakt as not enough inputs and onboard FX can't be applied in real time AFAIK)

  • The short answer is yes, you can, and with applying FX (the FX are solid, the reverbs are ok but not great - you get two fx slots per track, one of which can be a reverb). You will need to allocate one of the eight tracks for each separate instrument. So three external instruments would leave you five left, you would probably want to use a master track so you’d have four sample tracks left in that example.

    You’d have to be prepared to put in some hours to get your head round it though. Even simple stuff can be challenging until you understand how the fundamentals work.

    FYI they improved the spec on the inputs on the MK2 model (more headroom), for live mixing I would go for that rather than a mk1 if budget allows.

    There’s a nice Dataline demo of live mixing and sampling on the OT with a small hardware setup. I’ll find it.

  • This:


    There's a paid tutorial guide where he runs through the whole setup in detail which is really useful if you're seriously interested in doing something like that. Let me know, I paid for it and have a copy of it somewhere.

  • Sick isn’t it. The tutorial is really good just for the tips on gainstaging, overdrive and compression. He really gets the most out of that TB-03.

  • Yeah definitely. A few too many tricks in there that disrupt the flow for me personally, but the throws to the reverb are great

  • Thanks, yeah, really nice. I’m closing in on Roland boutique gear (tb-03 and an se-02) to augment the Moogs, tied together with an octatrack and Tr-09 samples. This’ll give me the set up I want with a focus on playing live without falling in to the Eurorack rabbit hole. And enough knobs to keep me happy. So really similar to the video you posted.

    I’ve read the octatrack has a long learning curve so any help you can give me would be awesome, thanks.

  • Yeah it takes quite a long time before you feel proficient.

    Merlin's guide is good as a more conceptual overview than the manual, although I'm not a fan of his approach to scenes https://www.elektronauts.com/t/a-polishe­d-version-of-merlins-ot-guide-here/42860­

    Elektronauts forum in general is full of really helpful people and a huge backlog of answered questions in old threads.

  • Yeah, +1, searching elektronauts should be your first port of call for OT questions after Merlins guide. If there’s one tip I can give you with the Octatrack, it’s “patience”. A second tip is trying to have a small goal in mind when learning it - tackle one thing at a time. The thing that will get you early on is terminology - make sure you understand what the manual (or Merlin) means when it introduces a new concept or term otherwise you can quickly get confused.

    Also @freddo the SE-02 is a beast. Very much in the style of the Minimoog. But with lots of extra overdrive, patch memory, PWM, a nice sounding delay, sequencer and more. Really good synth if you can deal with the small knobs, I like it so much I bought the SE Ext-Box expander unit (I find the high pass filter very useful but you can easily do that with the OT).

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We are the music makers - producers?

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