We are the music makers - producers?

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  • ^^^pedal chat, what you describe is basically textbook overdrive. Gain down and volume up is clean boost territory. Add gain to taste. Tubescreamer type pedals do this but the family characteristic is a very pronounced mid hump which works great for making mid-scooped fender guitar and amp combos pop. If you want a flatter frequency response go for something like a Boss OD3 or Bluesdriver.

  • Cygnus uses it a lot and gets some great sounds out of it. I definitely gave up on it a bit quickly.

    The Peak has met all my polysynth needs now though.

  • More pedal chat. I'm looking for something fairly cheap to give a bit of drive/saturation and even compression to my TR8S

    I've seen the Earthquaker devices The Warden mentioned a few times on other forums, but that's £200 ish. I'd rather spend half that. Any thoughts or recommendations? Cheers

  • One of the tech 21 units? Old tech but parallel and comp options with some of them.

    A lot of guitar stuff is tuned quite specifically to cut bass and go into amps with no treble but I’ve found bass pedals quite tasty on other sources.

  • will take a look - cheers!

  • The Aira Torcido is amazing for this, and stereo. You should be able to find them fairly cheap.

    The internal compressor on the TR-8S is pretty good... is there even a drive + comp master effect actually?

    Thomann were clearing Analog Drives for €89 and I missed out. Gutted as I quite fancied one for the TB-03.

  • Oh, by the way, the Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal is a bit of a classic for cheap drum machine comp. You’d need something else for drive/distortion though.

  • I missed that Analog Drive too. Cheers @Regal I'll have a look at the Torcido and Boss

  • I managed to get one! Need to be careful sending it line level signals, too hot and it'll basically be locked at 100% gain with the knob doing nothing. Wish it had some input metering. All in all it's a lot of distortion for 80 quid.

  • Was having a jam with the TR8S last night. Added the compression FX as Master FX, seems to give it something. Think it does need some outboard gear though to get nice saturation


  • The compressor is pretty usable IME. The thing I like about it the most is you can sidechain the inputs against the kick trigger, as opposed to having a sidechain trigger track like the MX-1 (which is no use if you change or mute the pattern on the fly).

    I know the Analog Heat is a lot of dough but it really is amazing for saturation / distortion / dynamics / EQ. And at a fraction of the price of a Culture Vulture or Distressor. :P

  • quite impressed with this for relatively cheaps - EHX Platform


  • Interesting. Electro-Harmonix stuff is usually decent. Not sure I'm totally into that drive sound though.

    FMR RNC (more transparent) or RNLA (definitely not transparent) are awesome cheap stereo compressors. No drive though.

  • Absolutely loving the assignable outputs on the TR8S! Wow. The Korg Volca Modular just got totally usable! https://www.instagram.com/p/ByuoYuPg5cF4­rg8hDvNBJkUaL968fAqE001Uy00/?igshid=xgyz­rzb8dqmn

  • Nice. Yeah the outs are great, as is the dedicated trigger output.

    What are you sending the Volca there, just trig/gate signals?

  • Yeah sync from the TB03 and CV also. Last step on the TR8S is wicked too

  • What are my options regards playing samples with a DAWless setup?

    I've got an hour Techno/Acid live set to do in a few weeks and I've decided to ditch Ableton. I'll want to be able to trigger spoken word samples, maybe the odd bit of FX and pads/melodic stuff

    I've got an old Electribe ESX1 kicking about I could bring into service but wondered if there was something else out there?

  • The go-to box for manually triggering long samples is an SP-404. Get the SX version, much faster memory. The newer A version is just a reskinned SX. They go for 250 to 300 used.

  • Nice! Will check that out ☑️ thanks

  • Yeah SP-404 is the workhorse and well sized for live use. Nearly bought one a few times but the lack of pitching by midi note puts me off.

    Model:Samples is a nice option but samples are mono only.

    I bought a Bastl Microgranny for more or less this purpose but while it was fun, it was pretty rough and ready and a bit awkward sometimes. Noisy output too.

    Have you tried loading samples into unused slots on the TR-8S and triggering them manually in INST PLAY mode? They can be pretty long.

  • Nice. Will have a try at that. Cheers

  • 8ish months later and I finally set up my DRM1 MK3 properly after a few emails with Vermona, who were excellent. I am going to sell the Minilogue and try to learn how to do one thing quite well (arrange and process drums) before introducing anything else. This means buying some drum pads...

    Also, I have quickly realised I need to process the sounds out the DRM a bit. I don't see myself owning a pile of nice hardware for this task in the immediate future 'cause £££, so this means learning to do some things in Live.

    Should I go for some mid-range midi drum pads, or take the hit and just buy Push 2 now?

  • What was up with the DRM?

    If you’re set on playing them in rather than mouse-clicking, I’d get the pads. In fact I could probably do with some myself!
    You might find that learning to get drums ‘right’ comes more easily when you have a project rather than an abstract goal but limiting yourself is good too. Live isn’t very limiting however!

  • Wouldn't learn the notes properly and would trigger all voices on any midi note. Problem was in Live (not the DRM) and fixed by sticking a MIDI pitch filter at -2st on the closed hats in the drum rack. Don't know why it works but it does.

    The music I'll attempt to create will be pretty drum orientated but I want it to to be much more percussive rather than step sequence-y so pads should be a big help.

    The DRM is pretty sick though, can sit and tweak it for hours and doesn't get boring. Mildly frustrating when you accidentally move something and the sound is lost forever but then you just tweak some more and get something else.

  • A small jam this morning


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We are the music makers - producers?

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