We are the music makers - producers?

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  • It's crazy how cheap all this hardware is now, when I was making records back in the late 80s/early 90s all my modern gear came out of whatever was on clearance at Soho Soundhouse and even that was never cheap cheap...

    Mind you, it was easy to pick up cheap analogue stuff back then... We bought an original vocoder for £60, couldn't figure out how it worked so took it back for a refund... Bloody kids...

  • If anyone's interested in an OP-1 in excellent condition (with TE soft case, TE cable, TE antenna), let me know.

    I pretty much only ever used mine for sketching ideas, and Garageband on the iphone has taken over that role recently (e.g. attached…). Can't find time to turn this stuff into tracks, but that's a separate problem…

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  • Is that on a phone? Christ, the future is amazing isn't it. Sounds great dude.

  • Heh, thanks, yeah, it’s just GarageBand on the iPhone, it’s a ridiculous piece of software. The presets and defaults are dialled and the whole thing is really fast to use.

    I love the OP-1 as an object but I don’t tend to use it in tracks much and as a sketching/demo tool, GarageBand is way easier.

  • I couldn't get my head around the OP-1 when I had a play with a friends one! it seemed stupidly complicated for what I could do with multiple instances of Simpler in Live - nice 'thing' though for sure!

    I got the TR8-S - a very quick first pattern here!


  • Nice, enjoying it so far? One thing I love with it is being able to just hold down a step and turn the accent knob to set per-step velocity. Lots of small improvements like that over the TR-8.

  • Yeah so far really enjoying it. I'll have to check that out.

  • It lets you put life into a hi-hat track really easily. A lot like an Elektron box. Though on Elektrons it's very easy to use LFOs to do stuff like that and I find the LFO a bit tricky on the TR-8S. I've probably just been spoiled by Elektron.

    Speaking of which, there's a new software update to the Model:Samples that adds sample locks. That's a pretty big deal and makes it a lot more viable as a stripped-down drum machine. Now if the street price could just come down a little bit further… £369 from Juno isn't bad though.


  • Oh shit. Straight to the top of the wants list!


  • Sounds interesting, I wonder if by stereo they mean it has a stereo filter, like the Moog Voyager? First patch sounds like that.

    That new Make Noise QPAS module is based on that idea, but with four separate pannable modulatable filters. Demos sound pretty cool.

  • QPAS seems very cool.

    I thought I was being clever running a Sherman Filterbanks twin filters on a stereo effects send from my mixer... but the QPAS is another level and with loads of cv inputs. Want!

  • I thought I was being clever running a Sherman Filterbanks twin filters on a stereo effects send from my mixer...

    Got an example you can share? That sounds fun.

  • Can one of you techheads give this ahmish folknroller some advice as to the best simple drum controller for playing beats into Logix X/EZDrummer pleasethanks.

  • An Akai one with the MPC pads will probably be the best for finger drumming duties - eg the Akai MPD218.

  • Seconded. The akai pads feel like an instrument, even on the cheap ones. Other pads don't have that feel.

  • Thanks dudes

  • I never really record anything (no audio interface at home). We’ll record the next jam so will try and do something to demonstrate.

  • No worries, don’t go out of your way, just sounded interesting. :)

  • I'm a sucker for pretty much anything Roland, so I enjoyed this.


  • Yeah I nearly posted that here. I mean, it sounds like a Pro-One, i.e. awesome.


    The form factor is nice and the price is going to be pretty tempting, £250 or something? I’ve had my eye on one of the Korg Odyssey reissue modules but this would probably be less than half the price.

    Having said that, I really don’t need another monosynth.

  • You can (and should!) get a used Karp for around £350 if you’re patient.

  • I’ve just had another check and they’re down at 449 from a few places. Not bad... I really should get this eurocrack skiff together first though. Or just stop buying shit??

  • Little Saturday night jam mainly to test the internal compression on the TR-8S. TB-03 just running some preset into the external in.


  • My Karp Odyssey (keys version, £411 off eBay a while back) is currently my favourite synth to play and has been for a while. I think the sliders make you think and work in a different way and pretty much every setting sounds amazing.

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We are the music makers - producers?

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