Blaze bicycle lane laser

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  • I like this.­rtech/lasermade-bike-lane-could-save-liv­es-20110615-1g2oi.html

    **Laser-made bike lane could save lives

    A safety device that projects a bright green laser image of a bike on to the road ahead – alerting motorists to its presence – could be a life saver.

              Developed by Emily Brooke, a student at the University of  Brighton in England, the invention has won her a place at Babson  College in Massachusetts in the US, on an entrepreneurship programme, [**the university said**](­011/110601bicycle_blaze.php?PageId=810).­
              Her innovation, BLAZE, is a small, battery-powered device  that is attached to the handlebars of bicycles, motorcycles or  scooters, and projects a laser image on to the road ahead.
                The bright green bicycle symbol travels ahead of the  cyclist, alerting others to its presence. The image can be flashing to  make it more visible and can be seen "even in daylight", the university  said.
              Emily plans to work on developing the product in Massachusetts, it added.
              "I wanted to tackle the issue of safety of cyclists on  city streets by increasing the visibility, footprint, and ultimately the  awareness of the bicycle," said Brooke, a final-year product design  student.
              "Eighty per cent of cycle accidents occur when bicycles  travel straight ahead and a vehicle manoeuvres into them. The most  common contributory factor is 'failed to look properly' on the part of a  vehicle driver. The evidence shows the bike simply is not seen on city  streets," she said.
              "Even when lit up like a Christmas tree a bicycle in a  bus's blind-spot is still invisible. With BLAZE, you see the bike before  the cyclist and I believe this could really make a difference in the  key scenarios threatening cyclists' lives on the roads."
              Emily worked with road safety experts, Brighton &  Hove City Council, the Brighton & Hove Bus Company and driving  psychologists in developing BLAZE, the university said.

    Read more:­rtech/lasermade-bike-lane-could-save-liv­es-20110615-1g2oi.html#ixzz1PJHD8FDk

  • A fricken laser beam!

    I would prefer one that vapourises peds and melts cars, Dr Evil style.

  • It's been done before. Probably not necessary to mention that it was shit then and it's still shit now.

  • Concept is better thought out with this one-on-one projection/image is now ahead of.the cyclist so might be seen by the vehicle as it begins to pull left as the image will be along side

  • ...or just take Cycle Training.

    Bicycles don't need more latest gadget just to be safe, it's already safe, it's just our perception of risk/behaviour that need to change (our - road user).

  • pffft... naysayers.

    Its GOOD!

  • how many cars turning left are going to be checking the floor rather than their wing mirror before manoeuvring?

  • I've had cycle training. Im riding home with no lights.

  • Drivers have had drivers training. You can't explain that.

  • heh! no, you cant explain that.

    perhaps they should also turn off their lights.

  • awesome idea - but you could reflect a beam of light to "store" it in a mirror loop and over time add more and more light waves into the loop. Then once you have enough light in the loop you remove one of the mirrors and allow all the light to leave at once producing a denser ray of photons - that bus/left turning lorry is history!

  • I'd buy one.. if it could cut through steel.

  • but a stem mounted shark with a frikkin lazer beam may work better

  • If (and it's a big if) the driver looks left before pulling left they may well see a floating green image on the road next to them.

    They are much more likely to look left than they are to check their 7-8 O'Clock, where the soon to be moved in on cyclist will be coming from.

    It's often behind the C-pillar, and a wing-mirror blind spot, so you can only check it properly by turning round to look- which being a safety conscious chap I do, but not everyone does.

  • Aren't I fab?

  • Well, I do shout "all ahead full!" when pulling away from traffic lights

  • You even have one of those little brass horns to shout down as well. It's hanging from the rear view mirror.

  • Everyone should have a crusty mariner in their engine room

  • there is an issue with this lasers shining into drivers eyes, they would need to be tested under the classification of lights, and there are restrictions around the light intensity as it impacts drivers vision

    that shit aside i am all for lasers. real ones

  • Phased plasme rifle in the 40 watt range?

  • the other snag is the name..

    i heard BLAZE is to smoke maryjuanna... this and the use of lasers peaked and died during the drum and bass eras, it is not safe to start it again on the roads of londinium, this could cause several hundreds of reformed ravers to have serious flash backs whilst manuvering

  • you thinking elctrothermal Dammit? it doubles up as an investment for the future - when the aliens attack the cyclists will rule the day.

  • Handlebar mounted lasers, you say? What's not to like, FFS?
    Neg reps all 'round...

  • It would be good if you could hack the image, say replace the cyclist with a large cock n balls for lolz.

  • Phased plasme rifle in the 40 watt range?

    Hey, just what you see on the shelf buddy.

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Blaze bicycle lane laser

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