Repairing Carbon Fibre - Carbon Damage & Repair

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  • If you need something printed, let me know. I am also happy to help with small quantity of CF + resin for forum donation as long as you can pick up in E1.

    Edit: If youre in London I might even have a go at it for you, but only if its really not time sensitive, and you dont mind shelving it for a few months.

  • Have been helping a friend put together a Dolan scala tt bike and unfortunately just noticed this rubbing on the left seat stay. Was going to email some carbon repair places, so was wondering if anyone could recommend one around London? Any experience on dealing with similar damage would also be helpful. Thanks

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  • Not around London but Target composites have been great the many times I've sent things to them or just asked advice, if you need to post the frame anyway it doesn't matter too much where it is.

  • I'd recommend HQ fibers, they're in Norfolk. They have a set fee of £108 but I don't think this includes postage

  • Thanks will drop them both an email. Hopefully the eBay seller should cover the cost as the damage wasn’t mentioned, but has been a while since purchase. Normally wouldn’t be concerned by rub marks, but these are surprisingly deep

  • 2nd recommendation for hq fibre - very old school but great service and repair and price

  • Hq fibre have sorted out a wheel for me in the past, have another recommendation

  • Hey guys,I work for London Carbon Repair. After a bit of quiet period we are open and operating in the new permises in Canary Wharf.
    If any of you interested and have some questions feel free to send me a message.

  • Any recommendations for companies who can scan bikes for damage?

  • CBR in Leatherhead

  • Looking at buying a second hand Giant TCR but details photos from the seller have revealed this damage from chain suck on the chain stay. Apparently is only superficial but hard to be sure, anyone got any experience or thoughts on this? I will view in person before taking a decision ofc.

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  • That's not superficial. You can see the carbon fibres. Avoid unless it's an utter bargain

  • Easy enough to repair if you send it to the right place but you'd need to factor in a few hundred quid for that plus the time/cost of stripping and rebuilding it.

  • Easy repair, but it is nowhere near superficial,it is structural easy to determinate that just enough looking from your photo. It have to be repaired if you want to ride that frame.

  • If you want an expert opinion email that picture to target composites (other repair places are available but they've always been super helpful and done flawless work for me) and they'll give you a better take and idea of cost.

  • Thanks for the feedback, I did send it over to Carbon Bike Repair who came back with a fairly optimistic response - "From what I can see, the damage is quite light and would seem to be safe to ride. One test you may use would be to try and gently put a blade into the damage and so long as it does not slide in then you will be OK."

    I will go and take a look but starting to think it's probably not worth the risk and possible hassle.

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Repairing Carbon Fibre - Carbon Damage & Repair

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