Repairing Carbon Fibre - Carbon Damage & Repair

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  • yeah, mine was done on insurance and it was a really little fix but still would have cost about £200.

  • Yeah, mine was about that. I get that you pay for craftsmanship.
    I just didn’t want all the painting and stuff that they said I had to have.

  • What happened?

  • Not sure think it just got damaged when it was in the loft with all my other bikes, this bike is my cannondale super six evo. The seat stay sheared by the cable guide. Not used it for years, but thought i'd repair it and give it to a friend, if I can repair it for a reasonable price.

  • Just got back from a weekend in France and noticed the straps from our bike rack have rubbed a flat spot on my SystemSix downtube.

    As it’s a nude frame I would just rub down the clear coat to remove the light scratches, but I’m worried that the fact it’s flattened it means it could be structural? Would the clearcoat be thick enough that it’s just that which has flattened?

  • No. Sounds structural, post a photo.


  • The photos aren’t great but inspecting it properly to take them it does look like it’s damaged the carbon. Is there a bike shop in London who can give me a definitive answer or do I need to take it to one of the two carbon specialists in this thread

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  • Oh that’s way smaller than you made it sound like. I wouldn’t worry at all.

    You’d need to mri/ct scan it to see if there was actual damage to the fibre layers. I’d just get on with riding it and not give it another thought. It properly has rubbed a layer of weave off but I doubt it’ll make any real difference to the integrity.

    If you’re worried you could always pay carbon bike repairs in Surrey a visit and part with some cash.

  • Okay great. I'm not too worried, just the fact it felt deformed gave me a little scare but I won't throw it away yet

  • Down tubes are an area of low force in the frame anyway so just don’t worry about it.

    Just use some towels or tubing next time to protect the frame.

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  • This damaged Canyon frameset is for sale on ebay at the moment, I'd love to build one of these up for next summer especially if I can nick a bargain

    The seller says the damage is repairable, can anybody ITK on here provide a prognosis?

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  • I've found a wheel on the bay for a good price where the carbon brake track is coming away from the rim. Not sure if that's delamination or what the exact term is, but is it DIY repairable or do you think a pro job? I'm guessing it's not a structural issue...

  • Definitely not DIY, and I suspect most if not all pros would refuse to even try fixing it. Most have a blanket 'no wheels' policy in my experience.

  • I used HQ Fibre Repair in Norfolk to repair a tub rim where removing the old tub had taken some of the tyre bed off. I've since raced (cross) on the wheel and had no issues so can recommend them. Cheap too, and he's the guy that built Boardman's Lotus bike back in the day.

  • Cheers. Is he local to you or did you post?

  • Has anybody the faintest idea where to start if, let's say, another aussie cycling weirdo wanted to make custom carbon shoes?­sens-custom-shoes/

    At the moment, to ride midfoot, I buy a lovely expensive pair of shoes then have @scherrit drill holes in them. This works but I've had issues this year with my Shimano pair crushing my little toe joint. Being able to go full custom on shoes would be full sick subwoofer.

  • I remember coming across this a couple years back...­/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=113006

    Not full custom, but could work better. Unfortunately, the photos are gone...

  • Cheers. Yeah, not much use without the pics and I kinda wanted an explanation of the process to see if it was even feasible for me to do (I'm guess no, but who knows).

    Maybe someone with a WW login could poke the OP to see if they can re-up the pics?

  • Can anyone recommend someone to take a look at these Colnago forks for me? Not sure if safe to ride etc...

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  • If you suspect is anything worse than tire rub I'll bin them. Not worth taking any chances with forks or handlebars

  • Well, there’s a hole, but it looks like a defect in the glue 🤷♂️

  • I wouldn’t ride it like that.
    It’ll need an small repair but just in case don’t use them before doing it

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Repairing Carbon Fibre - Carbon Damage & Repair

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