Repairing Carbon Fibre - Carbon Damage & Repair

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  • Anyone got any experience fixing carbon rims? The weave is a bit screwed on one of mine and was wondering if I can get it fixed somewhere or if it's just a case of dumping it and getting a new rim.

    Any thoughts suggestions welcome, even if it's to tell me to dump it and move on...

  • carbon is ruined once damaged due to its engineered properties.

  • If it's chipped at the edge, it can be filled, but no weave repairs are possible afaik.

  • no worries, suspected this was the case though I'd heard about carbon frame repairs so thought I'd check before chucking it.

    thanks anyway

  • Question- is the carbon loadbearing (eg) zipp) or just a fairing (eg some HED rims)? If just a fairing then you'll be fine just re-epoxy-ing it.

  • HQ Fibre Products
    5 Norwich Road
    NR13 4BH (Road Map)

    Tel: 01603 713972
    Fax: 01603 713972

    They re-rimmed my mates carbon corima disk and replaced a spoke on his HED tri spoke...

  • It's a zipp 340 - not the end of the world if i have to ditch it, but it's served me well and would like to fix it if possible. I'll give HQ fibre a shout tomorrow and see what they say, thanks for the info.

  • If you have to ditch it though you can buy my carbon rim instead :D­ml

  • Already been looking at it mate! Will see what happens after I've spoken to HQ :)

  • Hola

    A few issues ago one of the cycling magazines ran an article on a company that repaired carbon fibre. I can't find the article but it was recent so I was wondering if anyone else remebered it or was I imagining it.

    Also do you have the name and number for the company?

  • Google ?

    Third thread down on search for Carbon fibre Repair. May or may not be same co. as in ad you are referring to but that doesn't matter

    HQ Fibre Products
    Tel: 01603 713972
    Vale Farm Workshop, Blofield Rd, Lingwood, Norwich, Norfolk NR13 4AJ
    Experts in Carbon bike repair (amongst other things)

  • I did the google thing (thank you) and call a few but was looking to do a blind company comparison on non bike bits ( car and motorbike bits that are non structural)

  • Define comparrison.

    I repaired my carbon kayak after a small collision with a rather large cliff. Wasn't too difficult.

  • So, my frame broke and I'm of the mind to fix it myself. Really, how hard can it be?

    Any tips from anyone who's done this before (successfully) or preferably does this (also successfully) for a living?


  • There is someone on here who works with composites- I've been trying to remember who on earth it is.

  • Cool.

    If you remember post his username on here.


  • Gaffa tape. Twice around. Job done.

  • Someone with decent search skills should be able to find the thread- I think we (briefly) discussed carbon fibre bonnets.

  • I know someone that can do a good re-spray once you've fixed it!

  • Carbon respray? Can I have details please?

  • If you are prepared to pay cashmoney, these guys, cunningly disguising them selves as carbon cycle repairs can do it....­x.html

  • I'm doing it myself. I'm also gonna strip the frame back to bare carbon, get it painted, optimize it for Di2 and remove the lawyer tabs off forks.

    It'll be an adventure!

  • We have used Carbonology to fix road and track frames ( LOOK, Pinarello, Dolan ) and to repair carbon disc wheels and they have been very good. No problems with the items since.

    You can see one of the repaired track frames here:­sale/FORSALEPinarelloMontelloTrackFrame

  • sorry I don't have nay experience with these carbon RIMs ....

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Repairing Carbon Fibre - Carbon Damage & Repair

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