Cycle training for a mate?

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  • Hey fellas.

    I've successfully gotten a friend of mine onto two wheels, but he's terrible on the roads. Dangerously terrible. I've tried to explain to him, drawn him pictures of where to be on the road, etc etc, but he's just not getting it. Half the time he rides on the pavement. He'd enjoy coming on rides with my friends and I, but as it is when the two of us go for a spin I spend about as much time waiting for him as he crosses junctions/streets like a pedestrian on his bike as we do cycling. His balance isn't great either, neither is his starting off.

    He needs cycle training. What are the options?

  • where about he live in London?

    don't forget to note that riding on pavements is illegal.

  • yea its an £80 on the spot now!!!

  • He's based in Muswell Hill. I've told him about the pavements thing, believe me.. I just think he feels safer there. (I know, I know...)

  • Understandably so, the notion that he'll be out of harm's way by not being on the road that's 'designed' for car only, not realising that bicycle do actually belong on the road and he can able to feel safe by being assertive.

    Cycle Training will definitely make a difference;

  • Calmly explain to him typical car-bike accident scenarios and how riding next to traffic lane instead of on traffic lane makes them worse.

    If that doesn't work, repeat louder.

  • He's based in Muswell Hill.

    Here's the link for him from the thread to which Ed linked earlier:­h_confidence_-_where_to_get_cycle_traini­ng-2_1_.pdf

    Or he could just call CTUK straightaway: 020 7231 6005.

    They could really just put the number on their web page and link to CTUK instead of only putting it in the PDF.

  • Cheers guys, appreciate the info. :)


    he could book a subsidised lesson directly from CTUKs website (Click the request a lesson button at the top banner)

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Cycle training for a mate?

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