For Sale: Brand new wheelsets

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  • Hi

    Long time since I posted on here, but I have a couple of sets of wheels for sale. They'd be ideal for your first fixed/ss project, especially if you're on a budget. They came off a couple of project bikes that I built and have never been ridden. They're flip flop, deep v style rims and plain gauge spokes. The tyres are included.

    £50 a pair.

    I'm having a garage clearout in the next few weeks so should have lots of other stuff available.­5/5771755815/

    Please PM with any questions

  • pics no worky worky

  • Link NO work...

  • Not sure to be honest. Generic Taiwanwese types. They came off a Puma/Biomega bike.

  • That big black thing on the wheel that's at the back is one of the protectors they ship complete bikes with to stop the axel piercing the shipping box. They're just a standard high flange slotted hub.

  • also interested in a rear...

  • I would take a pair, depending on where you are based, pm'ing now

  • Not going to split them, I just want to clear some space. They're £50, with tyres and tubes, brand new. Maybe you could shift the front to make some cash back?

  • where are you based, sano?

  • This is an awesome deal- hard to believe people are asking you to split/knock some cash off.

    I'd take a pair on general "golly that's cheap" principles, but for the fact that I've just finished my beater

  • Damn, just bought some 'omega' wheels for my beater - i would have defo had a set !

  • omg, i need to go to the London... it's fucking cheap. for that price here, in Lithuania you would buy only flipflop hub for that price.

  • oopps made mistake... too exiting offer (rofl)

  • Really just need the rear what hubs are those?

    ill have the front then

  • One pair provisionally sold to Ms Okra, the other provisionally sold to PAC MAN...

  • Can collect today, can pm as am a new member!

  • DIBs a set pending PM answer..

  • hi

    Dibs a pair though cant PM as new member, can you email me with details about colection, Would like to come by tues or weds.

  • dibs, if any are still available? pm sent

  • B.a.r.g.a.i.n..... A.l.e.r.t. !!!!

  • DIBS if any available?

  • Hey, Im a new member.....are these's still available!!

  • ditto, can pick up tonight if still available.

  • i will give you 60 plus postage to post them? only just joined - to look for wheels - so i can't pm.

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For Sale: Brand new wheelsets

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