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    Giant Cadex, a great design imo, predecessor to the carbon/alloy frames. Special construction bonded aluminium, nice headtube & seat cluster. The monostay rear makes it look rather special.

    Some marks on paintjob but looking OK on the whole, in good technical condition.

    Seat tube 60cm c-t
    Top tube 58cm c-c

    Some more pics here

    Yours for €125 delivered in the UK

    p.s. I was planning to strip the paint and part respray to make it into something like this but I have too many projects, too little time/space....

  • That's clean.

  • is that photo backwards or is that crank on the other side?

  • 130mm rear spacing I assume? Really should resist.

  • @Stallionlegs: yes left side drive the clean one

    @J.Dennis: indeed

  • Unbeleivable, so nice. Bartolo???

  • I don't think so, he's got loads of work ahead of him with that jewel/piece of history Legnano you brought over to him yesterday!!

  • price


    € 115 delivered in the UK/most of the EU

  • I had a Cadex MTB back in the 90's- by a long way my favourite every bike from that period.

    If I had a bit more job security I'd be buying this frame right now.

  • Could you please confirm frame material? I thought all Cadex frames were partial carbon....

  • There were different kinds. Even a full alu one.
    Never full carbon though, because of the Alu lugs.

    The SS refered to is a LH drive.
    Easy to see, because the front mech thread holes are on the correct side.

  • Could you please confirm frame material? I thought all Cadex frames were partial carbon....

    confirmed ;-)

    this is all aluminium, 100% sure

  • That's clean.

    that needs to go in the porn thread sharpish

  • I can ship this frameset worldwide, just ask for a quote

  • I ship to most European countries using DPD. The costs are:

    to UK and most of the EU (included in the price):
    30 Euros

    to Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sweden:
    40 Euros (price + 10 Euros)

    to Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal & Romania:
    50 Euros (price + 20 Euros)

  • price is now €110, low as I can go

  • found cheaper shipping service!

    including shipping to Ireland: 105 Euros

  • This appears to be an ALR-1..

    Is this still going, Peter?
    You have a PM anyway!

  • ^ that's the exact same frameset! Pm returned, will be in touch after Christmas

  • Is this still around?

  • BUMP because I decided not to go for it...look at the potential though

  • Cadex frameset now sold


For Sale: Giant Cadex frameset 60/58 aluminium monostay

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