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  • Yay


  • Almost hit $36,000 a minute back

  • Which do you think we'll see first $10k or $100k?

  • I doubt it'll get to 10k. To many big players are buying at these low prices.

  • I'm holding my bitcoin atm but have to admin I'm getting a bit nervous now...

  • Shit the bed.

  • This isn't even the largest correction in the last year, is it?

    ::Wistfully reminisces about the days of 90% corrections::

  • Yeh, I am starting to get nervous it will be like 2018 all over again and I am going to land up holding all the way down believing its just another dip

  • I'm tempering my annoyance by knowing that it's idiots like me that don't particularly believe in the benefit of the vast majority of crypto currencies but piled on because they hoped that someone else would be later to the party and would prop me up that caused the problem in the first place.

    Still, at least funds like Baillie Gifford are flying... oh.
    Might need to put the gold club membership on hold.

  • My mates like buy chainlink, I never buy off recommendations but on this one I trusted them. £500 at 19.50 a piece. Down at 11 quid today last time ill buy off a recommendation.

    Bitcoin and Eth taking an absolute doing

  • If you listen to the experts on youtube its gonna happen every time, they just seem to throw shit at the wall and hope it sticks.

    Eth was meant at 10k last valentines day.... Lol

  • Glad I picked this month to jump on the crypto bandwagon.

    Wait, is this my fault?

  • If you listen to the experts on youtube


  • I did this and I blame me too

  • Aye "experts" the only thing they are experts in is talking absolute shite and making mad money off ad sense for the said talking shite as there advice/predictions are nonsense.

  • I went through a phase of listening to them.... Then there was a dip and they backtracked and changed tunes and gaslit their audience.... The shame was real.

  • Basically, I'd have more respect if you just owned your mistake... Its one of those industries where those things happen. Own it or fuck off.

  • Looks like Tether have fired up the printers again

  • Yep.

    Not a new line of argument but some interesting stuff about Tether and other trading coins here­rency-scam-blockchain-bitcoin-economy-de­centralization

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  • I attended a legal advisory slot during a board meeting a few days ago. They're expecting very significant amounts of regulation to be slapped onto stable coins in the US and EU soon. I wonder if Tether are trying to get their house in order for that?

  • You would of thought this judgement would of made them get their house in order­ases/8450-21

  • Apologies if there is another thread for this which I haven’t found, but what’s everyone’s thoughts on NFTs?

    I can’t get behind it. The art (IMO) is questionable in its integrity. I don’t understand the value. Is it not just pure hype?

    Can someone please correct me?

  • I understand there is value if you buy one thing other people want and you can flip it for a profit, same as any other market. But why is there demand for the things in the first place?

  • I can’t get behind it. The art (IMO) is questionable in its integrity. I don’t understand the value. Is it not just pure hype?

    NFTS are something that have been around since 2011 and have lots of very useful applications. Tokenising artwork with NFTs is not useful, but seems to have gone bonkers in terms of popularity.

    No, you're not alone in wondering wtaf is wrong with people.

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Bitcoin / Bitcoins / Crypto Currency

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