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  • Haven't read the article because paywall, but the Met reported seizing $250m USD of crypto just last year!

    Does the article say the time period for this £300m? The police generally recover about £200m to £300m of traditional assets each year.

  • hope they seized them while they were cheap !

    seize the dip

  • We all enjoying the volatility still?

  • Youtubers - Eth to 10k by valentines day last year, 10k by christmas and its down nearly 33 percent from his high.

  • Depends how you define the dip, if Eth goes back down again to £1300 again like July I’ll put some more in. That’s the dip!

  • ha, should of put a /s, was making fun of the youtubers and twitter people who have been saying buy the dip all week as it keeps going down, they'll get it right at some point

  • Yeah they are full of shit, putting out 1 hour videos very day and scamming there audience. They just spray shit at the wall and people listen to them and lose lot of the time while they win.

    Not one of them is worth one min of your time, bitboy crypto is the fucking worst.

  • Yep,

    I don’t and have never treated crypto as a long term holder. In make 10/20% sell. Repeat repeat.

    I’ll never make 10000% like some have but I make profit enough.

    Also don’t think we’re anywhere near the bottom yet and NFTs may be the death of Crypto.

  • Jackson Palmer (of doge coin) got it right with his tweets last summer.

    Hopefully a genuinely innovative project comes along to shake things up.

    The candle stick gurus are going to be upset if it goes sub £22k in 2022.

  • Has anyone used PayPal for buying and selling? I guess their transaction fees are higher than other services but they seem to have made the process very easy for toe dippers like myself.

  • Binance is very easy.

    Just had an advert for Floki coin “going to the moon” have we now officially reached tulip level?

  • Binance is very easy

    This is what I have always thought and then I had two normie mates in the space of week over Christmas mention they were getting in on this crypto stuff and I asked what exchange they were using and they both said they had looked at Binance but it didn't have many coins available (?!?!), turns out if you couldn't buy it with GBP they weren't interested, buying BTC/ETH/BNB and then the coin they were after was a hassle factor they didn't want to deal with

    Imagine they are both completely put off crypto as well now as their introduction is a big shake out went they thought it was up only

  • I think they are like Revolut in that you don't actually own "crypto", you can't send it to another exchange or wallet, it can only be held on Paypal so you are buying exposure to the tokens and your investment will go up and down with them but you don't actually "own" it. This may or may not bother you.
    Coinbase is very easy to use but higher fees, Binance and Kraken are both good options depending what is you want to buy.

  • If that’s hassle you can’t handle you’re probably better not investing.

    I like Binance but then again shiba coin etc have zero interest to me.

  • Thanks, I’ll have a look at all those options

  • @ChainBreaker did you order yourself a physical card at all for your account?

  • I was going to ask how the new people are getting on. Hopefully the recent dip wasn't too painful...

  • @ChainBreaker did you order yourself a physical card at all for your account?

    No, not yet... Kinda broke at the moment.

  • I was going to ask how the new people are getting on. Hopefully the recent dip wasn't too painful...

  • Just went in on the ruby card myself.

    Regardless of the dip I think CRO has a lot of potential to grow. Staking rewards in the defi app are pretty decent too!

  • Soooooo Its been hacked, so you may have login issues or require to fully log in again. Only some ppl affected.

    And cnn talks about $400 million stolen last year...

  • Bitcoin back to 38.000 usd today...

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Bitcoin / Bitcoins / Crypto Currency

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