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  • Well, I've been told he'd rather money than a book subscription. I hate giving money and thought this would be a slightly more interesting option. It would also mean he couldn't just spend it on sweets/a whim. I'm happy for him to spend it immediately or leave it vest for awhile and see how it goes...

  • Thanks very much! I had assumed a cold wallet was the way to go but yes, I guess it will depend upon the exchange/currency.

  • on that; i would buy a Schick Coin

  • A schickel, shurely

  • Anyone using cold wallets? I think @Stonehedge pointed out the Ledger breach.... This a concern for future breaches?

  • The whole global economy relies on shifting stuff around using mainly ships.

    Grains, raw materials, trillions of tons of useless shit we buy every birthday, Christmas, whatever. Some useful shit. We also haul a lot of humans around the world all the time.

    Imagine a world where all this physical shit was digital. The whole world, running on electricity, no more humans hauling arse, no more cheap Chinese produce circling the world. There is a jigsaw puzzle of manufacturing, agricultural and financial innovation needed to reach this point, but I'd imagine once we get there it will hugely reduce energy consumption.

    Bitcoin can be spun in many ways. The global financial infrastructure is so expansive and energy intensive. Offices, people, commutes, lighting, computers, media, stationary, and millions of other things and activities and the entire network of consumption that radiates from each thing. Imagine automating that all away.

    As an aside, this week is Black Friday. Look at Amazon and the rampant consumption of stuff that will be in landfill in a year. Ask yourself why the media isn't attacking an absolute mountain of energy waste there that would dwarf Bitcoin's.

  • You all shoulda listened to me 19 days ago, my £300 of CRO is now £740

  • Lambos for all!

  • What exchange is it on?

  • but also I think Coinbase. I posted about it on the previous page but basically you get a pre-paid card with a bunch of cashback if you buy and "stake" £300 of CRO (on - not Coinbase or wherever)

    If you're not interested in that and want to speculate/FOMO/YOLO in, then you're better off doing some research and ignoring my boast post. I hoped the price would go up long term obviously but this spike is just a bonus/bit of luck. Might come crashing down at the end of the month, who knows

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Bitcoin / Bitcoins / Crypto Currency

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