3D Printing

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  • Update on printing, to silicone moulds, to soap

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  • Does anyone have a Shapeways account and want to refer me with their code? $15 for you in credit, 15% off for me.


  • Here you go SQRJCQ

  • Thanks for that

    It’s not working at the moment but I’ve emailed their CS, not the end of the world if it’s not applicable to my order but hopefully they can do something.

  • Does anyone have experience 3d printing with titanium?

  • I have a monoprice maker select plus that I would like to giveaway to someone who can get it going again. One of the drivers failed (I think) and its been sat in my work shed ever since. I would say it needs new electronics but it's got a beefed up frame and an upgraded e3d hotend.

    Upsides - it's free
    Downsides - needs collecting from outside notts

  • Newb question: How easy is it to 3d a copy of a existing physical object? I have a simple car headbadge I'd like in another colour.

  • In my previous job I would get prototype impellers for vacuum cleaner motors printed at materialise in Ti / Aluminium.

    What do you need to know?

  • I'm pretty sure there is an iphone app that can do this, but dont know how well it works

  • Lidar scanning software that works with the modern iphones is only really good for scanning quite big things, like a room or a car.

    Lidar doesn't have the accuracy for reverse engineering small parts.

    @sacredhart can you share a picture of the badge? if it's not too complex it might be relatively simple to reverse engineer with verniers and CAD.

  • The problem is getting from the scan to the model. I’ve made scans with an app called Heges which gives relatively good resolution models but the surfaces are never complete and often there are multiple surfaces which makes it a real pain to translate into something printable. The main thing I’ve used it successfully for is scanning difficult geometry I wanted to build something to interface to (e.g. the fiddly fins / ribs on a big peli case - none of the surfaces are parallel as it’s moulded so it was nice to be able to scan the relevant bit and import it into Fusion360 so I could measure everything and build some thing that would sit nicely on the features).

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  • For a newb, probably not easy. For a pro*, fairly straightforward with access to the item or (less sstraightforward) decent photos and dimensions. That said, it will vary a lot depending on the badge.

    Would a respray not be an easier way to effect a colour change?

    *that's me

  • You need to post process your scan data with another piece of software to make it more usable, we use polyworks at work but there are a few more affordable options

  • If anyone could use some 3d modelling, give us a shout. Am usually up for a challenge.

    I'm all about polygons and subdivision surfaces rather than CAD, but the results print identically.

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3D Printing

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