LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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  • @hugo7 No you haven't. The only person who knows is the guy who's fixing them. How about you stop trying to police someone else's life on the basis of fuck all information? Or maybe everyone should post footage of every ride so the tyre kickers can gather round and say 'ooh, you were a bit close to that manhole cover, and that pedestrian might have tripped over, and that car door might have opened...'. Perhaps you could accept that I'm accountable to myself, not to you, and that on this occasion nobody died, end of story.

  • police someone else's life on the basis of fuck all information?

    I'm not.

    I'm just politely pointing out that your post, that you wrote, made it sound to most people here that the van wasn't very safe to drive. Then you did a tonne.

    I'm genuinely confused now. And wondering if this is all part of an elaborate troll session.

  • Oh fuck off. What does it matter if I speed for a few seconds on a motorway? Go back to your perfect life.


  • Lets just see some pics of the new van

  • As this is a thread about vans I reckon the people posting understand some of the basics about vehicles, for example that power steering isn't necessary at speed, and that brake vibrations indicate worn pads or discs, so vibration does not portend complete brake failure.

    Braking performance degrades gradually. Complete, instant brake failure in a binary fashion, from effective braking to zero braking, is incredibly rare. Modern brakes are designed not to do it. It happens in the movies, but not real life.

    So when I did 100 on a motorway with nothing in front of me there was in fact far less risk of anything bad happening than there might be in, for example, any urban journey at a busy time in a mechanically sound vehicle.

    I'm fairly sure that most people here do understand all that, and that the few who don't are unlikely to pipe up with a judgement about mechanical hazards.

    The interesting thing is that the people who do understand a bit about vehicles, and still want to make some daft criticism, are just people who want a pile on beause they think pile ons are fun. I don't think LFGSS should be like that. I don't want it dragged down to the level of Mumsnet. But at least my posts have identified a few of the undesirables, enabling me to put them on my Ignore list, after telling them to fuck off.

  • Bragging about speeding is a bit more pistonheads than lufuguss though. You'd think we'd know all about travelling without brakes, mind you.

  • Just want to shout out to MrClutch in Tottenham on the north circ. Mot sorted after local kwik fit ballsed it up and failed our t4 on some stupid shit.

    MrClutch got it sorted, fixed the gaping hole in the dash caused by the ‘vw campervan specialists’ Westside Motors in Woodford(who can fuck all the way off), fixed our knackered seat adjusted and re-mot’d it all for £32.

    Top lads who were eager to help and get the van happy for another year.
    Dropped a slab of beers off for them earlier as they did such an ace job and went above and beyond all round.

  • It wasn't intended as bragging. Just a wry, self-mocking reflection on the irony of the situation. But I suppose that wouldn't be apparent unless you knew me or I said it face to face. Speeding's nothing to brag about, I'm a bit too old for that. Plus I hate burning petrol.

  • Bragging about speeding

    I once did 75mph in our T25 trying to overtake a HGV down a hill.

  • 75mph on the speedo so probably not even speeding :(

  • You may never read this if you're a man of your word, as I was a 'fuck off undesirable' as you put it, but maybe take a moment and think that no amount of internet-explaining is going to change the fact that you took a huge unnecessary risk for other people's safety to selfishly get an unfit vehicle to a garage. I know, you won't agree with that because of bravado etc, but you could have just got it trailered to the garage?

    However, praise where praise is due, this has got to be one of the best things I've read today, especially if you actually believe it.

    So when I did 100 on a motorway with nothing in front of me there was in fact far less risk of anything bad happening than there might be in, for example, any urban journey at a busy time in a mechanically sound vehicle.

  • this was an enjoyable thread until people started arguing about speeding. Stop, its beyond boring and can we get back to chat and pics of sweet camper vans

  • Anyone got any cassette tapes they want rid of?
    Also, anyone got a good how to on repainting a set of steel wheels? Mine are looking a little tatty.
    Can decent results be achieved with rattle cans and lacquer? Pref without taking the tyres off?

    And yes, less arguing, more vans.

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  • Here's some pics of our Berlingo with a camper conversion in the boot and with the tent ( not always on the back) as an extra changing room and place to dump stuff when the bed was down we had a great 15 days on the road in France this summer

    @M_A_X helped fit a leisure battery too

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  • I already had a front canopy/porch for our Vango tent and thought I would see if it would fit my van for a weekend festival. It worked a treat and saved me shelling out on a purpose built awning. Gave us a great area to sit/cook.

  • I did mine with some Halfords self etching primer and black hammerite and they came up good. Let some air out of the tires and hopefully you can wedge some cardboard between the tyre and the wheel to protect the tyres (admittedly I did this with the wheels off)

    I can't find the original YouTube video that inspired me but not dissimilar to this

    but with a lot less sanding/buffing

    EDIT: found it here

    and I didn't use any lacquer

  • wedge some cardboard

    I'm sure I've seen people use a deck of playing cards.

  • In other Japanese import news, my stepwagon has arrived into Southampton also and going through its MOT as soon as the fog lights fitted.

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  • Looks good!

  • Lovely. Don’t be late!

  • Looks very smart. What did it cost, how old, how many miles?

  • By the time I've paid all the taxes, MOT, registered it a d got it undersealed it'll of cost just under £5k all in.

    It's a 2010 model with 93000km on the clock, so the version where the rear seats fold away into the floor and the middle row fold forward, so plenty of bike and napping space.

  • How fast does it go.....:)

  • It's a Honda, it's not about how fast it goes, it's about how many people are stuck behind you admiring your Panama hat on the parcel shelf

  • stepwagon

    Until I Googled, I assumed that was your pet nickname for it, thinking you had another van or something :)

    What's your insurance cost if you don't mind me asking? 5k makes it really good value vs a VW/similar.

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LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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