LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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  • chandlery type place

    Depends what you're after I guess, but there's Chas Newens Marine in Putney, v. close to Putney Bridge

  • Just found my dream van, a VWT25. So, Big red is now up for sale..

    1973 Ford Econoline, 5.0L V8
    MOT, TAX & ULEZ exempt
    Bespoke rock n roll bed, captain chairs, table, leisure battery, interior lighting, split charge kit.

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  • How much?

  • A 5.0L V8 bike carrier is firmly in @Dammit territory

    I'd buy that in a heartbeat if I had the funds

  • I am a fan of V8's it is true. Current thinking however is to chop in the E63 for an inexpensive 540/550i Touring and a VW California Beach Camper (little fold out stove version).

  • DIY boot jump for our Berlingo. Not on the same level as some of the second homes on here, but pretty stoked.

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  • Neat! Just propped up on front seats? Nice and low tech, watch it doesn't bend them though over time, the mechanisms aren't the most beefy.
    has your berlingo got that storage in the ceiling thing? Should be one in the front, one long one in middle and then a wide one at the back, super handy for 'stuff'

  • Any of you chaps familiar with this bunch? https://cjlleisure.co.uk

  • Yeah, has the ceiling space. So much space! There are even 12v sockets up there. And little storage spots under the rear seat foot wells.

    The "bed" has a panel that flaps over the seats to take the weight away the back rests. So in theory it should be fine, but it needs tinkering to get the height of that bit perfect. Middle bit of the bed sits directly on the rear seats though. But I think it should be fine while folded flat.

  • Vaguely… they are pretty pricey but look like good quality…

    One thing that was pointed out to me was that if you have seats on slidey rails and your bikes in the back, then you need to take your bikes out before you can camp/cook so your better just keeping them on a carrier on the back as you can then use the van as base…

  • We bought some of this flooring to do up our van but didn't end up using it, does anyone want it?

    2 packs, probably enough to do a wall or a roof. £beers

    Collection e5

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  • Its very likely I will bring my ducato back to the UK and sell it in October. If anyone is looking for a van in the near ish future.

  • Ok van nerds, validate (or not) my possible sort-of-camper.

    Base vehicle:

    Volkswagen Transporter T32 T6.1 LWB Highline 204PS 7 speed DSG with single passenger and drivers seats, both heated, both swivel, LED main headlamps, parking sensors front and rear with park assist, sliding door power latching, rear view camera, starlight blue metallic, 18" Amarok steels in old English white. Dropped 30mm on Eibach springs.

    Conversion: Pop-top with roof rails, second row of individual seats, solid bulkhead behind second row of seats creating fully sealed wet room with built in fixture points for 4 bikes, underslung water tank with high pressure wash, storage, hooks etc. Cooking module with 2 burner hob and sink, clean and dry water tanks (removable). 3.0m LWB awning with LED lighting. Webasto diesel heating system.

    Leaving the outside and the cab stock (apart from the wheels and lowering it slightly).


  • Drive it for a bit before you lower it, you might want that height for some places you go!
    Also maybe want a fan?

  • It's a panel van, I reckon it can take a 30mm drop without achieving slammage.

  • As someone who's in the middle of a shoestring diy conversion of a base model panel van it sounds enviably luxurious!

    Out of curiosity, any particular reason you're not going for an r&r bed?

  • Just not enough room in the van:

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  • Had to got for LWB to fit todays mountain bikes in - they're long beasts.

  • T32 will fall foul of a few uk weight limits...

    Roof beds are not created equal, sprung beds will be a lot more comfortable, sca seem to be the rolls Royce

    Where’s the kitchen in that design?

    Also if you take 3 mates with you, where are they going to sleep?!

    Would rather have a kitchen on board, especially with the heater as it implies you might go places in the winter...

  • Ohhh got you. I'd seen another of their LWB layouts with a bulkhead and r&r, but the "garage" bit was much smaller.

  • Yeah, just thinking about some of the places I've driven, to wild camp. Especially if riding mtb.

    I wouldn't bother with 5 seats, but maybe you've personal reason.

    Put gas underneath if you can too.

    Also, if happy to not be a hipster and save a packet you can have my ducato. And buy a 911 gt3 too

  • How’s there space for a kitchen pod with three rear seats?

    And I don’t see much storage except for bikes. You’re going to be swimming in loose bags?

  • Perhaps

    second row of individual seats

    Means 2x seats with the units/storage down one side as per the usual conversion layout?

    4x seats total to match 4x bikes in the back?

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LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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