LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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  • Feels nice to be away, didn't realise how much I missed it.

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  • You wanna do some ‘skinny made stuff’ update there mate? For those of us that don’t have Instagram.

    Well jealous. That looks like a banging setup.

  • Thanks, it’s a 50l keg we had lying around at work which I turned into a grill/fire pit. Only suitable for weekenders as it’s pretty big and heavy though.

  • You just chuck it over the roof and secure it with pegs on the other side. It’s only 1,90m high but since it was only €60 I’ll make do for now.

  • I want to get roof bars that will fit over the pop top of our fixed high top T4. Thule used to do something called a 420 (pictured) with adapters, but they're no longer in production.

    Does anyone know of anything? I've done lots of googling, but nothing pops up!

    The roof has gutters which I thought would make it easy

  • Can’t you just attach to the top? Jackmac had wheeliams make something

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  • That’s before he changed the roof and rack

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  • That first pic is using the Thule 420 that are no longer available. The second pic is custom made and there must be some kind of metal reinforcement because attaching a rack directly to a fibreglass top would be asking for trouble!

  • It’s been a while since I owned a camper van, but I’m in the market for a leisure battery to power a continuous ~100w load.

    What’s the best ~100Ah one to go for in terms of price/performance?

  • We’re looking at T25 this weekend.

    If the body is as good as condition as the owner says it could be a keeper, but I’m slightly put off by LHD (it’s an American import rather than euro). Any real world experiences/advice?

    Also it’s an auto but the internet suggests these are quite smooth and not an issue?

  • No advice on the T25 though really like them. Just don’t be put off by lhd as there really isn’t any drawbacks driving lhd if the vehicle isn’t capable of overtaking. And a T25 won’t be

  • I have owned both a RHD and a LHD T25, no issues with LHD and wouldn't hesitate to get another if I was in the market

  • I am about 90% finished now.

    I found a mattress in Ikea that is almost perfect, the only problem is that it does not fold very well over the back of the chair when folded up. I may have to split it.

    I used 40x40 extrusion because I had a load of it lying around. If I was buying from scartch I would go for 30x30.

    Thinking about buying the cover for the mattress which would tidy it up when in seat configuration.

  • Looks great! Any tricks or issues pop up? I'm now thinking we'll do the same. Even with a rolling-out platform. Means there are no long bars in the case of being rear ended.

  • No major issues, I think it could work out quite an expensive option though if you haven't got bits and pieces you can re-use and you have to buy brand new.

  • Van conversion question: I’ve the option to buy a transit mWB high top, pretty good nick for age. It seems it was used by a utility company as has been kitted out with auxiliary batteries for power and some other kit. Still needs a ton of stripping out and reconfiguration to make it a camper though: is there much benefit to buying this, as in some stuff is in place, or would I better off in the long term buying a blank one and starting from scratch?

  • I guess it depends on the value Vs the value of a blank canvas. If they are the same (for similar age etc.) but the ex-utility vehicle saves you some money on conversion, then that is to the one to go for.

  • Hmm, I'll have to take a look. Before considering rollers I think I costed bits to not much more than £100. Which is quite a lot less than buying one from someone else.

  • Some of that stuff can be very spendy in higher spec form, so you could save a bundle.

    Or it might be trashed junk or incompatible with camper usage. Impossible to know.

  • my brother who is gearing up for his second van conversion has whittled it down to a transit MWB high top as the ideal. hard to know whether the current state of kit in it will help or hinder. but the van is a good choice I reckon

  • I usually use the BR Range from KJN (they will cut to size if you don't have access to a decent saw that can cut nice straight ends)


  • Finished! 😁

    Very pleased with how it's come out in the end. More pics from the build can be found here:


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  • fuck that is very tidy work dude. very nice indeed. kudos

  • That is amazing, great work.

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LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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