LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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  • ‘Get you some of that...’ or some other naff saying, more than a hint of a Fast and Loud vehicle there, room for a chesterfield sofa in the back? Very nice.

  • Fair enough! Love how the inside looks like a private room in some seedy Las Vegas strip club....

  • That looks fantastic. Can't wait to see where you take it.

  • That is so awesome!

  • Not tonnes of updates, just been painting the dashboard and door cards black,

    Adding some extra bits in the back for storage and not going anywhere...

    Can’t even get to Haldon forest now we are tier 4 / lockdown :(

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  • That is one sexy money-pit @M_A_X

    Before you start cladding it you might want to think about rewiring all the electrics though

    then redo the brake lines and shit

  • Yeah i'm installing new downlights / some sockets and there'll be provision for a propex heater down the line. All off the new leisure battery.

    All the electrics currently work, so won't be touching those!

  • Freddo has a point, although if you're only doing the ceiling it shouldn't affect access to the vehicle wiring.

    Does the alternator look like the original, or has it been updated? I'd be a bit careful about charging a leisure battery from an original alternator on a vehicle of that age.

    If it is the original, make sure you have the capacity to manually stop the leisure battery drawing charge when you install the split charge system.

  • Super cool!!!

  • All the info you need is here ;)

    Looks rad.

  • 6 year question - Still got this?

  • Those things are pretty reliable with minimal (US) maintenance.

    @max reminds me of my dodge ram but yours is the baby compared to mine.

  • Yeah I'm going to put an isolator in between.

    There's a voltmeter in the dash, it frequently reads 15v when driving on the motorway, so think the alternator can handle it.

  • It’s a shame there aren’t still a roster of polo tournaments to tour around in it.

    Remember that time Ed drove up to Manchester in that old Citroen and parked by the court. I think you had the Magic Bus at the time too. That was a freezing weekend, wish someone had a propex heater then!

  • I wish... sold it when I moved to London 10 years ago.
    Once in a while I still check for Syncros for sale, only to learn that now they cost at least twice as much as they costed back then!

  • That's a Dodge..

  • This is excellent max. Somehow doesn't surprise me you are getting around in this

  • Ordered a no faff split charge kit, just need to grab a leisure battery and create the unit it’s going to sit inside!

    Then I’ll pop some money aside for a Chinese diesel heater and we are set for a warm next winter hopefully not in lockdown...

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  • I have a halfords trade card if you want 20% off one of theirs.

  • Be lovely if you were so generous to share! I’ll pm!

  • This reminds me of this bastard I saw last summer

  • Fuck yeah!

  • I was so envious. That hatch near the back that's open is basically the kitchen storage that you can access from both in and outside, so you can cook on either side.

    Wonder what MPG they're getting. I'd be impressed if it hits double figures

  • what is that red truck exactly?

    i like the look of the raised up ford transit on big bf goodrich tires.

    ive done a vague bit of investigation into lift kits and watched a couple of videos on it. has anyone any actual experience of this? i would be paying someone to do it, rather than attempt it myself.

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LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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