LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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  • Try shiply for a quote.

  • Ah no worries, thanks all the same. I’ll try Shiply as someone else has suggested but please shout if you recall company name.

  • https://www.paisleyfreight.com/

    2 x Front & 1 Back Car Seat
    Pallet From £129.99 inc. vat

    Maybe call them and see if you can book a couple of pallets? Seems reasonable.

  • That does seem reasonable, certainly in comparison to the £624 I’ve just been quoted from the first courier to reply to my Shiply enquiry…. Thanks

  • I've used them before for a bike shipment so can recommend. This was approx. 7 years ago now though...

  • This chap is Edinburgh based and has been known to dabble in Fixed Gear bikes


    Worth a shout, absolutely top chap.

  • Get my van back after a weeks holiday in garage… egr and dpf delete and resolve some
    Turbo issue… guess on the price? £fuckloads

  • Why delete, all of it buggered?

    Have had some cars with DPF + EGR that have been a constant PITA, and others that have been flawless used in exactly same driving style. Some of the earlier ones (2006 > 2012) were a liability, most of those cars/vans with them on are already in the scrap

  • Glow plug down means ecu won’t allow dpf to regenerate; plus the general faff of them is well known so easier to just cut and do without and have no future issues!

    Turns out a pipe to the turbo was split and causing a lack of pressure … £820 later we have our van back!

  • Has anyone bought a freshly imported van and had it converted?

    Thinking of getting a Bongo and having it converted via JAL, apparently not many of them left in Japan to bring over now.

  • Just put a deposit down on a Toyota Regius, it’s in the country already, so just needs pop top fitting and full conversion doing.

    Perfect size for me as it will have to also be an occasional car for me as well.

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  • Joining in… we’d been looking for a van for a couple of years and couldn’t find one that felt right, or affordable. At first we wanted a T25, but with two young kids and European trips planned we looked for something newer, considered everything.

    In the end we decided we just wanted a VW, there’s just something about them, and resale values are strong.

    After lots of research we found that Transporter Shuttles are oddly cheap compared to other Transporters, yet perfect for day van/occasional camping setups. They’re also often registered as M1 Cars, rather than commercial vehicles - lower tax, higher speed limits, cheaper insurance, and lots of incoming ULEZ zones are targeting commercials only.

    We picked up this 2009 Shuttle with 8 seats and 95k miles last summer for £9k. I then spent the summer doing a light-touch conversion, adding solar, more lighting, removing middle 3 seats, adding awning, swivel seats, table, drawers and building a fold out bed that comes down over the seats - I’ve probably spent £2.5k on all this.

    We lived in London when I first converted it and couldn’t use it as much as we wanted. We now live by the South Downs and use it much more than our car - the whole family just love it. It’s like having a living room and kitchen wherever you go, super handy with the kids.

    Anyway, check out Shuttles - some bargains out there.

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  • And here’s how it looks in day van mode.

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  • ^ I echo this, having the MB version of the Caravelle with a light touch conversion.

    Also, I felt fresh after this:

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  • Would love an auto, another reason for a Shuttle is lots of autos out there, compared to Transporters.

  • Elèctrics aren't my best. I've an ABSO mppt charger. I thought it should prevent the starter battery becoming discharged and also charge it via the solar panels. But it hasn't and the starter is drained. I'm wondering is something is wrong with the ABSO? I guess I should call the shop on Monday.


  • I am currently having my t6 converted from a kombi to full camper. Should have it back next week. I have some adventures planned over August.

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  • I wish there was an “unwanted seats” storage facility that was cheap and easy, I don’t want to sell mine but I may not use them until I sell the van.

  • Exmouth seafront, 8.40 for 24 hours…. In the sea by 7am with the kids and wife. Winner.

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  • Also Can’t remember when I did an update…

    Had 3 issues recently, egr / dpf blocked due to glow plugs being down and therefore dpf didn’t regen.

    Got that deleted, week later the alternator belt went and a week later an exhaust pipe came off!

    Finally painted the front grill loop / badges, finished the internal cupboards and now
    Working on a plan for an outdoor shower

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  • Any internal pics?

  • Looks a touch different now as I have added a locker above the kids seats and painted a few more areas.

    As ever, a work in progress!

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  • Wow - great job! Thanks for the pics

  • Looks great!

    I put a shower on my back door and then hooks on both and string a curtain between them. Used a John guest valve and shower head from b&q. Works good. Only cold mind.

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LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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