LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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  • As often as possible!

    All about set up;
    Going to fit some sumo springs bump stops
    Shocks are on the way out so will Upgrade, likely bilstein
    Air down depending on conditions

  • My partner has decided we need to buy a motorhome, just to add to the collection of insurance polices and piss off the neighbours a little more. We have a baby and will need a baby seat. She wants something old school beige and brown (I don’t want to spend much money, so happy to go old). Issue I’m finding is seat belts to fit a baby seat. Ideally we need isofix or a three point belt. A lot of motor homes only have lap belts at best and isofix is nonexistent.

    Thinking of welding an isofix bracket to the floor/chassis or using a universal bracket that goes behind the seat.

    Has anyone else been down this route and come up with a smart idea or found the ideal solution? Keen to hear any ideas

  • What’s the budget and must haves?

  • Dream.

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  • Could the baby seat go in the front with 3 point belt and one of the adults in the back with lap belt?

  • Are you 4wd?

  • If that is Weston then it is more like a nightmare!

  • I’m pretty tall so ideally something I can stand in, she wants a bathroom which means it needs to be a motorhome. She wants something “retro” which I’m happy with. A garage by us have a 1991 Hymer b544 in for repair that the owner apparently wants to sell so waiting to hear back on the price.

    I was offered one of those old old fiat campers that look like a caravan grafted to a van a couple years ago for £850 but didn’t want it although it kick started the idea. Ideally cheap as but know that won’t happen. £5kish. Happy to do some work on it so long as generally sound

  • Make sure you have a really (really) good look underneath for rust.

  • 2WD, rear wheel too and have actually got drifty a few times

  • Close enough!! Have fun if you can!

  • Will do, have lived by the sea my whole life and rust is top of the list to check. Had a quick look underneath this hymer and it looks ok for around here

  • I bet, bold to drive it there with 2wd

  • Rephrase, drift when wanted, not today!

    2wd is fine if your not stupid, and carry recovery boards 😂

  • a 1991 Hymer b544

    Ideally cheap as but know that won’t happen. £5kish.

    Sorry to tell you but you might be in for a bit of a shock. You’ll probably need to put a 1 in front of your budget and then add a bit more on top

  • You can usually retrofit new rock and roll beds which may have iso-fix points to older vehicles

  • Yeah I’m aware they are more generally but I know the guy is wanting to off load it and it’s been sitting around for quite a while as the garage had problems getting parts. I suspect the bloke has had enough of it. Hoping for a quick cash sale sort of thing and it’s the first thing that’s popped up, it’s literally on my doorstep so worth a go

  • Definitely worth a go! I always liked hymers

  • Cool - if there’s a bargain to be had…!

  • This body type is called a van though. :)

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  • RDW told the owner we would like to see his creation. They were right.
    This guy build this overlander camper in his garage. 4 cylinder turbo diesel and the electric drivetrain from a Leaf 😳

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  • that is fully fucken sick.

  • Very impressive!

    I was glad of my van this weekend when I (didn't really) raced the QECP round of the Southern Enduro series. It pissed down from around eleven onwards, so I wound the awning out to stick the bike under and then made coffee standing under the tailgate. This worked really well, but it would be great to have some sort of semi-circular cover that could join the awning to the tailgate - is this a thing, or am I looking at throwing a tarp over the top and securing it to make this happen?

  • Wow amazing.

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LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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