LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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  • Could equally be starting this thread in Mechanics 'n Fixing... Amazed to UTFS and find next to nowt about Camper Vans on the forum.

    Had mine (1990 Ford Transit conversion) for 3 years now, this'll be it's 4th summer of outings. I was going to flog it this spring but MOT'd it without breaking the bank so decided on keeping for one more year.

    Anyone else got one?

  • no, but I thought about getting one- does that count?

  • oh yeah, and Eightball had once, I went in it and everything

  • Hello

    ^^ yeah, join the chatter and get persuaded ;)

    ^ defo counts. You've been quiet(er) lately, how's it all going?

  • actually I did seriously look at one recently,
    you know the convinience is good and all.
    tented it instead two weeks ago in Woolacombe, then went to Guernsey for some running which was cool as fuck, 35 mph speed limit there well chilled out riding,
    so to answer its all go, just was away from screens and it was bliss actually,
    you all good?

  • I'm planning on getting a van to slowly convert at some point, probably an older toyota Hi-Ace or the like:

  • I thought about it occasionally. My dad had a Transit one and it was nasty looking. All beige patterned dralon. It cost a fortune.

    The only way I'd do it is to have a split screen VW bus with a modern drivetrain underneath, such as Porsche or Subaru, and when you start to work out how much that would cost you quickly realise that for the amount you'll actually use it you could just go and stay in a really nice hotel every time you want a holiday.

  • J - sounds cool, i'll be down woolacombe way (croyde) in a few weeks. all good here, big day riding tomorrow.

    n - do it!

    bq - your dad's sounds like mine! vw are great, pricey, but just seem to work better spacewise inside. van will take you where there aren't hotels = win.

  • I feel slightly panicky outside of well appointed cities :-)

  • I thought VW were doing a reissue of their split-screen masterpiece? What happened to that?

  • always wanted a surf bus...
    Nearly bought a honda smx- which doubles as a camper-sort of.

  • off out first van trip of the year later, can't wait. it'll be like critical mass in the local roads as it's a trundler for sure...

  • HA! im itching to get out, just waiting for an email about event tomoz

    youre right Andy-- Falafel King is goood!

  • Edmundro has got one, and Fred is picking one up today. His is the 2011 model. It's amazing.

  • a mate used to import and repair them, his current one is a bit tatty but his dads is just awesome. its got custom everything, the paintjob is a misty night with full moons and little campers with wings flying around. too cool.

  • I've been chowing Falafels all week - in Amsterdamage next week where I will have many a Falafel. Wait, what is the falafel/camper van connection?

  • I'm planning on getting a van to slowly convert at some point, probably an older toyota Hi-Ace or the like:

    good idea, much cheapness that way, Type 2 bay prices have gone through the pop up roof just recently

  • I don't have one now but I've had a couple - a 1973 Volkswagen and this which I had for about five years:

  • HA! im itching to get out, just waiting for an email about event tomoz

    youre right Andy-- Falafel King is goood!

    parked up in a very windy field. lemme know how your brizzle business went J, hope it worked out fine...

  • now a very wet and windy field...

  • Just seen this subtly modified Commer.
    Damn, that looks nicer than any VW I've ever seen!

  • Any love for them yet? :0)

    I've had 21 different air cooled VW's over the years, including 11 busses.......oops, I slipped. Make that 12!

    I was looking for something as a bit of a toy, then this came up, literally a mile from me, for a very good price......I couldn't say no.

    The plan is, see if my 8 year absence from VW's has made me love them more, or less......if I don't like it, I can sell in 6 months and not lose any money. It's better than the bank!

  • I'd bloody love a camper van. I'm shit with motors so probably shouldn't be trusted with a classic, better suited to a more modern machine, but still I can't help but find VW's beautiful and fun!

    ^ that looks a cracker. Very tidy. How much did you pay, if that's not too cheeky a question? And what's it's mileage?

  • I've got Wookie, a VW T5.1 fully loaded California. he'll happily do 800 miles in a day's driving. I just fitted black sportline wheels and the next job is a stereo upgrade.

    my last trip was 4 weeks in the alps, skiiing; the van has double glazing and diesel central heating. My next outing is in a couple of weeks: TdF followed by soundwave festival in croatia.


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LFGSS Camper Van owners?

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