• Queen Caroline street, W6 after the junction of Worlidge Street - heading towards Hammersmith.

    Spotted via #hammersmith - http://twitter.com/#!/craighill09 I went to the area and the Police incident unit was there in full force. It was a waste truck, PHS/Wastetech with seemingly a lot of mirrors on it.

    (will upload a pic of the scene later)

    The Police at the scene confirmed it was a fatal incident.



  • That's a horrible bit of road. RIP

  • RIP rider.

  • Fuck.
    RIP rider.

    Be safe people.

  • ;(

  • Rip

  • I have more pix of the scene from various angles, If anyone from the LCC/CTC/Cycling Embassy etc wants them, please ping me.

    Police at the scene, when I said lorries/cars treat this area as a rat run agreed. They'd received complaints from residents in the area.

    H&F Council time :-/

  • FUU. Sad news.


  • thoughts & prayers to the rider, family & friends

  • RIP rider. Sad day.

  • Terrible news

    Condolences and RIP

  • Awful news.

    For every young woman killed, I hate to think of the amount who might quit cycling thinking it too dangerous.

    Double tragedy.

    It has to stop!!

    RIP, bike girl.

  • Rip

  • This pisses me off immensely. The local authority listen to pub landlords next to the river regarding cyclists, but won't listen to cyclists regarding the dangerous actions of lorries?

    Shame on them. Poor girl.

    My girlfriend cycles to work (albeit occasionally) and I'm paranoid that I'll get that call at some point.

  • really bad news.

    thoughts and prayers for rider, family and friends.

    i will write to my mp and my local highways dept.

  • i've just sent images to hammersmithtoday.co.uk - the sad irony is that the truck is parked next to the cycling route signs. Round the corner from there is the site that Thames water want to do their big tunnel thing, which means more trucks on those roads that are the primary cycling route to Hammersmith, Chiswick etc.


  • @ alien type of bicycle? i pm'd you.

  • Rip

  • @ alien type of bicycle? i pm'd you.

    no info. The Police weren't telling me anything more than 'female'..

    So many people use that route, could have been anything..

  • here's the lorry: full pic here showing both sides mirrors and the company name/phone number http://twitpic.com/4qjf2i

  • Why is it always girls? I worry for myself and fellow female cyclists more and more every time I see one of these stories.


  • Rest in Peace

  • I think some male drivers see female cyclists as slow and incompetent and probably take more risks around them and happily cut them up.

    I was overtaken by a lorry on Monday with minimal space, my heart was in my mouth, it was terrifying. I am so sad to read that yet another rider has died in such a horrific manner.

  • very sad and terrible news

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2011-04-28 - Rider Down/Fatality, Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith

Posted by Avatar for alien8 @alien8