• It seems a lot of people are changing to 3/8 chains / chainsets now as chains are becoming stronger.

    As I'm due to change a chainset on a training / commuter fixi I've been told I might as well go on to 3/8 as it means shimano / Stronglight etc standard cogs and chainrings are useable meaning good choice and reasonable prices.

    As I've to buy cranks, chainring and rear cog / chain thought now is the time to change if so.

    Or should I stick to a proper speedlight type crankset and 1/2 set up meaning slightly more expensive stuff?

    Any thoughts or recent changes / opinions?

  • do you mean 1/8th v 3/32nd?

  • I've used both 1/8 and 3/32 setups and felt no difference. Only used 3/32 for my last builds. I dont skid or ride very agressively though but KMCs SS 3/32 chains are tough and can take some beating.. Broke 2 tools trying to cut a chain.

  • Sorry, yes thats exactly what I meant. don't know why I put the above and I do know imperial and metric.

  • I run 1/8th on my fixed and ss bikes, regardless of chainring size (i.e thickness). Narrower rings will have a bit of room but wider (1/8th) teeth won't run in 3/32 chains properly. Plus 1/8th chains are not flexible, 3/32nd chains are all designed for derailleurs, seems wrong to run them on single cogs.
    And they tend to be more expensive for similar quality.

  • There are chains available for singlespeed/track use in 3/32 too.

  • I've run both sizes over the years and can honestly say you won't notice any difference. I now use 1/8 cos good chains can be bought under a tenner. Better to change chains regularly to save wear on chainring & sprocket!

  • Understand the 1/8th is stronger but the rings and cogs seem to be cheaper and easier to obtain a bigger selection with 3/32 (ie shimano ss freewheel on a flip flop in 3.32, some BMX cogs) and as the 3/32 chains seem better now, at least some are, it seems sensible to use these as interchangeable with geared bike stuff so less to dedicate / store.

  • Not sure that 1/8 is actually any stronger but even if it is then a non issue as I don't break 3/32 chains. Much more choice in 3/32 from cheap/low quality to expensive/high quality and all those in between.
    The 1/8 is on average going to be heavier too so again no point in extra weight for no reason.

    I have used all 3/32 for years fixed and SS and never had a problem. Plus I really like the Wipperman Connex 808 chain which is cheap at £15 and lasts well through all weathers.

  • Connex chains are great, think I'm going to change to 3/8 then as have a spare connex 708 in the garage.

    Probably put a Stronglight speedlight crankset and zicral stronglight chainwheel on and see whats in stock for the cog.

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3/8 or 1/2 chain for fixed giving best chainring / cog cost?

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